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Telangana under KCR is number one in farmer suicide Amith Shah

Hyderabad, 11 th October 2023: Union Minister of Home Affairs and Cooperation Amit Shah, during his address at the BJP's 'Jan Garjana Rally' in Adilabad, Telangana stated that 'it's not about employment or development, but rather, Telangana is now number one in farmer suicides, corruption, and crimes against children and women.'

The political atmosphere in Telangana is heating up as it approaches the assembly elections. In this context, through the 'Jan Garjana Rally,' BJP's chief election strategist Amit Shah has sounded the electoral bugle in Telangana. Shah's visit to Telangana is a clear warning to the opposition that, no matter how hard KCR and KTR try, this time, the people have made up their minds to elect a BJP government with a resounding majority under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

For the past 10 years, the KCR government in Telangana has not done a single thing for the welfare of the poor, tribals, Dalits, and backward communities. The people of Telangana have witnessed the corrupt rule of both the Congress and KCR's dynastic parties.

The government under KCR has not fulfilled a single promise so far. Whether it s the promise of providing homes to the poor or giving unemployment allowance to the youth, the numerous commitments made for farmers and Dalits have proven to be mere electoral gimmicks. KCR's sole goal is to save his daughter Kavitha from going to jail and make KTR the Chief Minister.


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