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Team of doctors from Medicover saved life a labourer through minimally invasive cardiac surgery

Hyderabad, 8th December 2019:

A team of doctors at Medicover Hospitals in Hitec City of Hyderabad have performed an innovative minimally invasive medical procedure on a cardiac patient and successfully performed heart surgery and saved the life of a poor patient.

According to hospital authorities a 49-years-old male patient, Bullodu, a physical labourer by occupation was suffering with severe breathlessness when he was admitted to the hospital.

Upon investigation, it was diagnosed that there was a narrowing of valve and dilatation of tube (5cms) which comes out of the heart.

After careful diagnosis and detailed study of the case at team of doctors led by Dr.Pramod Reddy, Chief Cardiothoracic Surgeon performed the Surgery successfully and saved the life of the patient. Dr.Sai Nagendra and Dr.Vineela Anaesthesiologists supported the team of doctors during the surgery.

In fact the patient was also diagnosed with other complications like uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus and Hypothyroidism.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr.Pramod Reddy said, “The patient underwent valve replacement and replacement of the dilated tube through a minimally invasive technique with only 3-4-inch incision. Traditionally, in this kind of case, the surgery is done by cutting the breastbone (8-10 inches) causing instability of bone in future. Also, a surgery like this needs highly qualified professionals with world-class infrastructure to meet the needs. These types of surgery are done in only few centres worldwide.”

Adding further, Dr. Reddy said that this minimum-invasive procedure has given much hope to patients who are otherwise too high-risk for traditional open-heart surgery. Apart from being cost-effective, there are also many other advantages of the minimum invasive procedure, like - less hospital stay, fewer complications with good long-term outcome.

Most cardiac operations today are performed through a sternotomy, which involves splitting the entire breastbone. Minimally invasive cardiac surgery encompasses a variety of operations performed through incisions that are substantially smaller and less traumatic than the standard sternotomy. Minimally invasive incisions measure about 3 to 4 inches compared to 8 to 10 inch in sternotomy.

The benefits of minimally invasive cardiac surgery include: Smaller incisions, Smaller scars, Reduced infection risk, Less blood loss, Less pain and Shorter hospital stays.

Stays after minimally invasive operations are from 3 to 5 days compared to 5 to 7 days for traditional sternotomy-based cardiac operations and fewer physical restrictions.

Patients undergoing standard incision cardiac operations are restricted from driving an automobile or lifting objects weighing more than 5 pounds while patients undergoing minimally invasive cardiac surgery are not subject to these restrictions.

Medicover Hospital currently offers the following operations using a minimally invasive approach:

Ascending Aortic Aneurysm Surgery

Mitral Valve Repair and replacement surgery

Aortic valve replacement

ASD closure

VSD closure

Tumour excision

CABG (Bypass Surgery)

Lung surgery

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