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TANA to construct TANA Bhavan in Washington DC

Hyderabad, April 16, 2019: The Telugu Association of North America (TANA), the oldest and the biggest Indo-American organization in North America has decided to construct ’TANA Bhavan’ in Washington DC with a project cost of around Rs 35 crore.

While informing the plans of TANA, Satish Vemana, TANA President , said that since its only a beginning they are yet to modalise the exact details of the project which would be worked out very soon. "The building is the first of its kind by any ethnic group in USA.  We will be ready with its  final plans by July this year, by the time of 22nd TANA National Conference," informed Satish Vemana, TANA President  while addressing a press conference here in Hyderabad.

Talking to media along with Prasad Garapati and CV Subba Row, both Indian Coordinators, Satish said it is likely to have 20,000 sq ft area. Another unique milestone TANA achieved this year is that it has elected all its 45 office bearers unanimously. This is the first time in the 40 years history of TANA that all the office bearers are chosen unopposed. By doing so, the organization has saved Rs 75 lakhs, which otherwise it would have spent on conducting elections. Further more contesting candidates would have spent Ra 4.5 crore. All this money is saved by avoiding elections this year, added Satish Vemana. TANA elections are always are fought fiercely, he added.

TANA in its forty years of existence has done service activities to the extent of Rs 700crore.  TANA has 40,000 lifetime members, Satish informed.

The forthcoming TANA National Conference will be a grand affair as it is being held from July 4 to 6 for three days in Washington DC, the Capital city of USA. The once in two years Meet is expected to attract 22000 visitors. We have already extended invitation to President of USA Mr Trump and the same is under consideration.

TANA National Meet now is organized in Washington DC after a gap of twelve years.  Previously it was organized in the capital city of USA in the year 2007. It was graced by the former president of USA Bill Clinton.

Vice President of India, Shri Venkaiah Naidu is also expected to take part as the Chief Guest. And the Chief minsiters of both Telugu States are also invited.


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