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3 Day Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils Kitchen India Expo 2019 launched in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, October 04, 2019: A 3 day freedom healthy cooking oils Kitchen Inida Expo 2019 was launched on Friday at Hitex in Hyderabad.

Archana Shastri, Model, Actress and Big Boss participant inaugurated the 3 Kitchen India Expo. Day Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils Kitchen India Expo 2019 here in the city on Friday at Hitex. While giving her opinion Ms Archana said that these days with many ingredients available, cooking has become a big challenge and unless and untill a person achieves perfection, it is not easy to cook a tastey food. "Though I may not be a good cook but, I enjoy cooking," said Archana, while revealing about her engagement and marriage next month.

When asked about her favourite Contest in the current Big Boss Season, she said “I am busy with my Web Series Episodes and Shootings. I am not watching Big Boss. So I don’t have any idea, she informed.

Working Executives both men and women in the city wants to learn quick cooking methods shared Celebrity Master Chef Puneet Mehta, who curated the Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils Kitchen India 2019.

Cooking is a creative activity. One dish can be cooked in hundred ways with hundred other ingredients. It is a stress buster. Many corporates have been seeking my intervention to run cooking workshops as a stress buster to their executives. I have run workshops in TCS, Microsoft, Cognizant, Accenture, HSBC and others shared Puneet Mehta.

More men are cooking. Men are not ashamed of playing a role of home cook. Men are already dominating in commercial kitchen. Now they are also getting engaged cooking at home front. Similarly, women who are until recently confined to home cooking now foraying into professional cooking. Twenty per cent of chefs in commercial kitchens are women. They have also reached top positions Puneet Mehta shared.

Puneet left his Event Management Business to become a full time Chef Consultant after Master Chef. When asked “Do Men and Women Cook Really Differently?” he said each person cooks differently. Each one has their “haath ka jadoo”(hand magic).

He dispelled the myth that healthy food is tasteless. He is breaking the myth to prove that healthy food can also be tasty.

The three day Freedom Kitchen India Expo 2019 will be open till 6th October. Spread over 1200 sq meters area, it features 90 brands. More than 17000 visitors are expected to visit the expo in three days.  The entry to the expo is free and all are invited. It is organized jointly by Hitex Hyderabad and Traditions Events Management with the support from Freedom Cooking Oil, Metallic Industries, Hafele and Organeek.


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