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SVS doctors save life of 4 year old girl by performing a rare Rigid Bronchoscopi operation

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A team of specialist doctors from SVS Hospital in Mahabubnagar saved the life of a 4 year girl child by performing a Rigid Bronchoscopy medical procedure and removing an iron nail from the lungs of the child which was causing severe breathing problems.

Going into the details, it is learned that a year old girl from Kodangal mandal had earlier visited various hospitals and taken treatment for her severe breathing problem. However as she had not got any relief, she along with her parents approached the SVS Medical College Hospital in Mahabubnagar.

Upon diagnosis and careful understanding of the problem being faced by the child, the SVS Children’s specialist’s doctors conducted an x-ray of her chest and found that some foreign substance was stuck-up in the windpipe near the lungs of the girl child which was obstructing breathing and leading to cat-like sounds from her throat.

Soon after the preliminary diagnosis, the pediatric doctors referred her case to the pulmonary department Lung doctors told the parents that the cough suddenly started while they were playing with the baby.

After taking up the case, the Pulmonary specialist's doctors led by Prof. Dr.Venkateswara Reddy Tummuru advised conducting the most advanced medical procedure of Rigid Bronchoscopic and with the help of Anastasia specialists Dr. Ayatullah, the metallic obstruction stuck up in the windpipe of the left lung was successfully removed and the life of the girl child was saved.

The highlight of this special operation was that the challenging task of removing the iron nail from the lungs of the child was completed in less than half an hour period. Dr. Reddy observed that that by performing the operation at the right time, they were able to save this girl's life. Resident Director Ram Reddy congratulated the medical team for successfully completing this most difficult treatment.

SVS medical team, pulmonary specialists Dr. Venkateswara Reddy Tummuru, Professor H. O. D Dr. Dr. Pradyut Waghre, Professor Dr.Koteswara Rao, Assistant Professor Dr.Nitin Reddy, Anesthetist Dr.Ramakrishna, PG Doctors Dr. Vinay, Dr. Lavanya, Dr. Siddique, Dr. Suma, Dr. Grace, Dr.Anudeep Reddy, Dr.Srivani, Dr.Snigdha, Dr.Sharanya and Anastasia PG Dr. Shashank, Dr. Sasin participated in the operation and saved the life of the little one.


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