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SVS doctors perform rare medical procedure to retrieve Pen Cap from the lungs of 9-year-old boy

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A team of specialist doctors at SVS Medical College in Mahabubnagar conducted a rare medical procedure to retrieve a pen cap accidentally stuck in the lungs of a 9-year-old boy.

Going into the details, a 9-year-old boy who is a resident of Hyderabad had accidentally swallowed a pen nib cap that entered into his lungs through the windpipe and it remained in the lungs for more than 2 months causing severe breathing problems to the boy.

In fact, earlier, the parents of the boy were unaware of this incident and they approached various hospitals as the boy developed fever, cough, and severe breathlessness ever since the incident. Even though the routine chest X-Ray, CT Scan, and various other tests were conducted earlier nothing was revealed and as the boy developed pneumonia the doctors were giving him symptomatic treatment.

However, as the boy continued to suffer and his condition was deteriorating every passing day, the parents of the boy approached Dr. T. Venkateswara Reddy Tummuru, Professor, and Head of Pulmonary Department at SVS Medical College Hospital in Mahabubnagar. After careful checkups and diagnosis, the specialists’ doctor suspected of some foreign body could be the cause and Dr. Reddy immediately advised flexible bronchoscopy -a day care procedure that allows direct vision of the lungs. A flexible bronchoscopy was done which revealed a pen cap lodged in the airways of the right lung which was the cause of the suffering of the boy.

“Soon after diagnosis, without any further delay, under sedation, RIGID BRONCHOSCOPY - A sophisticated procedure that requires paramount skill and the latest equipment was undertaken swiftly. And we could successfully retrieve and extracted the pen cap from the boy's lung in less than half an hour using the most cost-effective and yet complex and advanced medical procedure,” informed the Pulmonary Department Professor.

Speaking about the new medical procedure Professor Dr. T.V Reddy said, "Often foreign body in a child's lung mimics pneumonia and causes a dilemma in diagnosis as routine Chest Xrays and CT scan may not show a foreign body. This can delay diagnosis and cause prolonged symptoms with no response to the usual antibiotic treatment and if not retrieved timely it can even be fatal. Procedures like Bronchoscopy in such cases can be lifesaving. Thanks to the timely intervention of expert doctors, the life of the child is saved,” said Dr. T. V. Reddy.

The team of doctors was headed by Pulmonology Professor including Dr. Nagendra -Assistant professor, Department of Anaesthesia. Dr. Nithin Kumar Reddy Assistant professor- Pulmonology and resident Dr. Vinay , Dr. Lavanya Dr Siddiq ,Dr Grace , Dr Suma, Dr Anudeep, Dr Srivani , Dr Snigdha , Dr Saranya , Dr K.Sasin and Dr Saishree.

The team was congratulated by the Resident Director of SVS medical college Hospital Ram Reddy, Dr. Pradyut Waghray -Professor and HOD, and Professor Dr. Koteswara Rao of Pulmonology for the outstanding good work.


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