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Summer camp for students’ launched

Mahbubnagar 10th April 2019: With an aim to provide better skills in Advanced English courses, the authorities of Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Educational institutions launched a summer camp at TWREIS school at Tirumala hills in Mahbubnagar district on Wednesday.

As many as 300 school students from across Telangana came here to take part in the Summer Camp. The summer camp is expected to be conducted for 15 days during which the students will be taught skills in advanced English language. “We have launched the summer camp for providing skills to the students in advanced English language. As part of the summer camp the students will be moulded to improve their English and will be given moral classes as to how to set their future life goal and they will also be taught as to what are the various educational and career opportunities, once the go out of the school system,” said Vijaya, Principal of TTWIES Mahbubnagar.

Earlier the school principal also along with Chief Guest Balaraj, Circle Inspector of Jadcherla took part in an ‘Impact’ programme, where in the school children were given tips as to how to set goals for the future and how to go about their careers. Dr. R.S. Praveen Kumar Secretary of Residential Schools also took part and gave tips to the authorities as to how to strengthen the education system and urged the organisers to regularly conduct activities like Ignite fest, Youth Parliament, Summer Camps etc.

The schools authorities were also advised to introduced Super student activity so as to inculcate more interest for the students in education and encourage the students to utilise such opportunities and enhance their confidence levels.

Regional Coordinating officer Kalyani, Asst professor of Palamur University, Praveena and Camp Head Dheeran, Principal and other school staff of TTWURJC Mahbubnagar participated at the inaugural programme of Summer camp on Wednesday.


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