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Sumeer utsav mela people's plaza necklace road Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 23rd May 2023: Summer Utsav Mela is buzzing with YouTube and Instagram celebrities. Summer Utsav Mela social media Celebrity Buzz the Summer Utsav Mela organized on the shores of the sea in such a way as to spread entertainment is impressing the city. The entrance gives the feeling of walking from the sea, while inside the exhibition there is a shopping mall and an impressively arranged gaming zone. The Summer Utsav Mela, which is spreading joy and happiness during the summer season, was visited on Monday evening by many celebrities including Priya Reddy (Kirak Kala), Hyderabadi Ammi, Zuleka, Showry Gullu Dada who are known as celebrities on social media and Instagram reels. On this occasion, organizer Mirza Rafiq Baig said that Summer Utsav Mela has been organized to spread joy to the city residents.


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