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Stellar Designs by the Student Designers Hamstech Fashion Show Exhibition 2021 At N Convention

November 10, 2021: Hamstech Fashion Show & Exhibition 2021 will be LIVE on your screens on 10th November.A grand fashion event to display the designer collections created by the graduating class of Hamstech’s Fashion Design Programme is one of the events the city looks forward to every year. It’s been more than 2 decades that we are conducting this annual event which is a launchpad to our students to show their creativity to the world as designers.

Hamstech Fashion Show is not just a platform for the graduating students to display their talent as designers on the ramp but also to launch their label with the, an e-com platform by the students of Hamstech. All the collections that are displayed on the ramp will be displayed on for sale.

Every year, after completion of their course the students undergo training for the show under the able guidance of the faculty and our chief mentor Neeta Lulla for 6 months. During this time, they gain practical exposure and are ready to launch themselves as fashion designers.

This time it was a very difficult task for the students and the mentors due to the global

pandemic, but they have worked hard and with patience, are finally ready for the event.

The Hamstech Live Digital Fashion Show 2021 will display more than just fashion! After a year

of staying home, the students have come back with the same gusto and are looking forward to presenting their work on the ramp.

2021 will witness a panoply of collections that feature intricate embroidery, applique, mirror

work, motifs, clay and wall art, paintings, festivals from across the world, classical dance forms,

lives of indigenous tribes, pottery, sequins, sculptures, temples and architectures; as detailed as masterpieces themselves.


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