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STAN Organized First-of-its-kind Creator Mixer Event in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 5thNovember 2023: India's fastest growing gamingstartup STAN organized the first-of-its-kind mega event STAN Creator Fest to celebrate India's Internet creators and success of gaming creators in India. The event took place at Enigma The Experience, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad and more than 500+ creators – predominantly gaming and esports creators – from across the country will be present in-person.

Among some of the most-popular and influential gaming and entertainment personalities who attended this year’s Creator Fest include –Lokesh Gamer(the biggest creator of Telangana), AS Gaming, Aditech, Telugu Gaming FF, Ishika Plays, Boss Official, Assasins Army, Black Flag Army, Rahul Gaming, Bakwas Talks,and among others there are few mystery creators also attended the event. Notably, these creators have acollective follower base of over 300 Million across various social media platformslike Instagram, Youtube, etc.

The gaming industry in India has been growing tremendously in recent years, and is expected to be valued at $5 billion by 2025. On the other hand, as per a report by EY, India’s content industry is set to cross $30.6 billion in valuation by 2023, with a major chunk of digital content creation in our country today being dominated by gaming and esports creators. Offering the best of both worlds, STAN Creator Fest 2023 was aimed at uplifting and providing ample support and encouragement for India's micro and budding creators. It fostered an environment conducive to networking, meet-and-greet, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing across the intersections of the gaming and content creation spaces. Additionally, Stan also introduced Stan Creator partner program and plans to onboard 500 creators.

Speaking about the event,Parth Chadha, Co-Founder & CEO, STANsays, "STAN Creator Fest was not just an event; it was a testament to the power of gaming and eSports community creators. Our platform has provided a nurturing space for these talented individuals, allowing their voices to be heard and their creativity to shine. The overwhelming participation and enthusiasm we witnessed at this festival was a reaffirmation of the impact we've had on their lives. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for the aspiring -creators, and we're excited to continue this incredible journey."

"In the dynamic world of content creation, partnerships and collaborations are the linchpins that shape a creator's journey. STAN has always championed the idea that together we can achieve more, and our commitment to this ethos runs deep. We provide a platform where creators can not only connect with like-minded individuals but also monetize their unique talents effectively. Not only has the STAN Creator Fest 2023 been able to live upto this dedication, it has also served as a catalyst for the growth of these aspiring creatorsBy bringing together influencers, brands, and creators, we're creating an ecosystem where everyone benefits, fostering a thriving creator economy that opens new doors for innovation and success." -Mr. Nauman Mulla, Co-Founder and COO, STAN

Telugu Gaming FF, Gaming Creator said,“I've been on an incredible journey with STAN, from my YouTube channel having around 500k subscribers to now boasting a remarkable 2.2 million. STAN has been the rock-solid foundation that made this transformation possible. It was an incredible opportunity to learn from fellow creators, exchange insights, and gain a deeper understanding of the gaming content landscape. STAN has truly empowered us by fostering this sense of unity and collaboration, enabling us to navigate the ever-evolving world of gaming content creation with newfound wisdom and camaraderie.”

STAN has been engaging with creators since its inception, helping them grow and monetize and thus actively contributing to the growth of the nation’s creators’ ecosystem. Over the past six months, STAN has enabled numerous creators associated with them in generating revenues of more than INR 3 Crores through its platform and various brand integrations. Till date, they have successfully collaborated with and supported over 2000 creators pan-India, and going forward, aim to extend this support to an even larger number of creators in the near future with ongoing and upcoming initiatives such as the STAN Creator Program. Furthermore, STAN has plans to organize an array of similar mixer and networking events across various Indian cities in the months to come, aiming to foster connections, collaborations, and the establishment of a vibrant ecosystem for creators.


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