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St. Francis College, New York to provide scholarships up to USD 8400 to students from Hyderabad

Hyderabad, June 23rd, 2023: St. Francis College, New York, a prestigious institution, is an Exclusive partner with 'University Hub' and is offering spot admissions to eligible students in Hyderabad. The exclusive admissions drive will take place on Saturday, June 24. Students from various streams including Management, Accounting, Health Care, Psychology, and Engineering will have the opportunity to benefit from this event.

During the admissions drive, qualified students will have the chance to win scholarships of up to USD 8,400 each. Over 700 students have already enrolled for St. Francis College through this initiative. Interested students can call or whatsapp on 6387149133 for further assistance.

The event will be attended by esteemed guests, including Dr. Gale Gibson Gayle, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs for Online Learning and Program Development, the Dean of Graduate Education and Professional Studies, Dr. Michelle Steven, Director of Graduate and Online Student Services, and Ms. Esther Hassel, Coordinator of International Partnerships and Programs, DSO. Dr. Gayle emphasized the importance of applying to SFC for those aspiring to pursue higher education in the US. She encouraged students to engage with the representatives, finalize their entry, and obtain the necessary I-20 documents, which can sometimes be challenging for students and their families. The collaboration between SFC management and University Hub aims to simplify this process for the benefit of the students.

Dr Gayle, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs for Online Learning and Program Development, the Dean of Graduate Education and Professional Studies has said, "It is important to note that a significant percentage (40-50%) of students studying in the US for higher education do not complete the course they initially enrolled in. Many students face difficulties due to transferring to different universities in an attempt to reduce the cost of their education. Therefore, it is crucial for students and their families to be fully aware of the admission process, the universities/colleges they are considering, and other relevant aspects. Making informed decisions and conducting thorough research is vital, and this spot admission program assists students in this regard."

Dr. Anil Palla, Founder of University Hub, expressed his confidence in the admissions process and highlighted University Hub's track record of assisting around 100,000 students in realizing their dream of studying at prestigious institutions in the United States. He mentioned that students who have completed their graduation and achieved a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 can secure direct entry and receive their I-20 within a week. Students with work experience will also receive priority consideration.

Dr. Anil Palla clarified that University Hub's services are free and aimed at helping students select the right course and college based on their interests and abilities. From choosing a university to traveling to the US, pursuing a Master's degree, finding employment, and even applying for a Green Card, University Hub provides continuous support. The organization also offers free IELTS training, which is particularly beneficial for economically disadvantaged students.


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