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Srikara Hospital provides infection free Knee Joint Surgery operations through Assure Project

Hyderabad March 11, 2019: The team of doctors at Srikara Hospital have come out with an innovative project called ‘Assurer’ through which the patients suffering from Arthritis and severe knee joint pains are provided painless services post surgery.

The Hospital management had launched the Assure programme on the occasion of World Women’s day. As part of the project anyone who pays Rs. 5000, will be eligible to get free treatment services up to Rs. 1.50 lakh and they will also take care to avoid any kind infections post knee joint surgery operations.

The Hospital is also having very good advanced equipment and has adopted advanced medical procedure called Bionic Gold Implant for the knee implant surgery at an affordable cost of just Rs. 2 lakhs only.

Commemorating the World International day celebrations recently, the team of doctors at Srikara Hospital had conducted 20 knee joint transplant operations and they are offering to continue at affordable rates up to March 31st this month. “Commemorating the world international day celebrations we have come forward to offer affordable knee joint transplant surgery up to March 31st this month. Anyone interested to avail the surgery can approach the hospital and get enrolled before 31st march, 2019,” said Akhil Dadi, Chairman of Srikara Group of Hospitals.

The Srikara Hospital which was established 5 years back had grown rapidly and in a short span of period, it had opened 6 branches and had treated 12,000 patients using the advanced medical procedure of Knee joint transplant. “We have adopted technology and advanced equipment to replace the knee joint using the robotic technique which is first of its kind procedure in the entire Southern India,” said Dr. Akhil.

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