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Sodion Energy launches India’s first Sodium Ion battery

Hyderabad, 14th Feb 2024: Sodion Energy, a leading developer of Sodium Ion Batteries (or NIBs – Na+ Ion Batteries), today announced the launch of its Sodium Ion batteries, becoming India’s first to do so. Along with this it has also announced a wide range of applications using its Sodium ion batteries such as a UPS, starter battery and a battery pack. They have also developed their own proprietary Battery Management System that is optimized for NIB cell characteristics.

Mr Bala Pachyappa, cofounder of Sodion Energy and reputed Ampere Vehicles emphasized that sodium ion based batteries are going to become a viable, sustainable and safer energy storage solution for the future.  Many of the battery markets that are currently being held by lead acid as well as lithium based battery technologies. It is believed that the need for power storage is going to increase five times by the year 2026. Especially as a large population will shift towards electric vehicles, Sodium ion based batteries will be a key component enabling this rapidly growing power storage space.

NIBs have a number of advantages over other types of batteries, including their safety, affordability, and long lifespan. They are a good fit for applications where fast charging and high discharge rates are required, such as electric vehicles which are required to climb slopes or carry heavy loads. NIBs also shine in applications such as Backup Power Supplies, Solar Energy Storage and even Starter Batteries for gasoline vehicles.

One of the biggest advantages of NIBs is safety. While fire safety remains a significant issue with Lithium Ion Batteries (LIBs), Sodium Ion based batteries on the other hand pose very low to no fire risk when overcharged or in accidents.

Sodium – ion batteries are also environmentally friendly due to their simple recovery and recyclability. Sodium is 500 times more abundant than lithium. Lithium’s availability is also limited to a few countries, so moving to NIB batteries also has the added bonus of providing supply chain security.

There is a plan to launch pan india awareness campaign and Road shows to know people feasibility and better safety applications in Sodion Energy battery products, this will start from first week of March 2024 in all Indian major cities.

Sodion Energy is co-founded by P Bala and Professor CC Hang, both have expertise in electric vehicles design and technology for more than three decades. With their experience Sodion Energy is ramping up its battery pack manufacturing as well as application capabilities.

With this launch Sodion Energy is helping India take a major step towards a cleaner and greener future for India. They will ensure that the country has access to the latest and most sustainable battery technology, which will help to reduce pollution, improve air quality, and create a healthier environment for all. 


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