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Shri Chaitanya Excels In Engineering And Agri/Pharma Showcasing Exceptional Versatility And Academic Dedication

 Hyderabad, June 13, 2024: In the recently release AP EAPCET-2024 results, Shri Chaitanya once again shines, securing top positions in both engineering and medical fields. With the State 1st rankin Agri/Pharma, ranks in the top 10, and State 4th rank in Engineering, along with the 7th rank and 3 spots in the top 10 Sri Chaitanya reaffirms its dominance in EAPCET

In Agri Pharma 1st Rank (Yellu Sreesanth Reddy HT.NO: 51397010113), 2d Rank (Pula Divya teja HT.NO: 51272070558), 3rd Rank (Vadlapudi Mukesh Chowdary HT NO 510720707901 4th Rank (Pera Sathvik HT.NO: 51072070880), 5th Rank (Aloor Pranestha HT.NO: 512720706631, 6th Rank (Gattu Bhanutaja Sal HT. NO.511720700311, 7th Rank (P. Neeharika Reddy HT NO: 51107010104, 8th rank Shambangi Manoabhiram HT.NO.510800100181, 9th rank (Saragadam Pavani HT.NO: 511800103001, in Engineering State 4th Rank (Palagirl Satish Reddy HT.NO:90272010175), 7th Rank (Golla Lekhaharsha HT.NO 809720002211, Bih Rank Putti Kushal Kumar HT.NO:908980105161 Sri Chaitanya's students have achieved the best ranks.

in Agr/Pharma Sin Chaitanya secured an outstanding out of 10 top ranis and an impressive 50 within the top 100 Meanwhile, in engineering, they claimed 3 Raniks in the top 10 and 55 within the top 100 solidifying their unrivaled position Notably, a significant portion of the top performers halls From Sri Chaitanya School underscoring to unparalleled excellence in both felds.

For the past 30 years, Si Chaitanya stands alone in achieving the highest ranks and marks in both engineering and medical felds. This remarkable feat is attributed to the institution's unmissable integrated Programe, meticulously crafted internal Test Papers, and personalized Student Teacher 1 10-1 interactions Chaitanya emphasized the significance of the adoption system and the expert faculty's rigorous training in achieving these outstanding results. Mrs Sushma the academic director of the institution, also highlighted  these key factons during the occasion


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