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Shiv Sena's Sinkar Shivaji Urges MLA Chikkudu Vamsi Krishna to Remove Inconvenient Forest Check Posts in Nallamalla

Mahabubnagar, November 26, 2023 — Sinkar Shivaji, President of the Shiv Sena party Telangana State,

has made a fervent appeal to Achampet MLA Chikkudu Vamsi Krishna, urging immediate action to dismantle illegal forest check posts causing inconvenience to devotees in the Nallamalla forest.

Expressing concern over the persisting issue, Shiv Sena's Sinkar Shivaji highlighted the party's two-year-long battle against the state forest department's unauthorized check posts on roads leading to Uma Maheshwaram and Maddimadugu temples. These check posts, alleged to be hubs of corruption, have been a source of distress for devotees, who face unwarranted demands for money in the name of illegal trespassing.

Questioning the selective placement of check posts only on roads leading to Hindu temples, Sinkar Shivaji appealed to MLA Chikkudu Vamsi Krishna, who has previously joined the party in its legal battle against such encroachments. He emphasized the urgent need for cooperation to eliminate the check posts causing inconvenience due to the corrupt practices of forest authorities.

Shiv Sena's Sinkar Shivaji expressed dismay over the placement of these check posts on routes frequented by devotees visiting the Uma Maheswaram temple, considered a sacred site by people from Achampet, Nagarkurnool, Kolhapur, Kalwakurthy, and Devarakonda constituencies. Devotees, both from within the state and other states, regularly visit the temple. Similarly, the Maddimadugu temple attracts numerous devotees, including those devoted to Anjaneya Swamy.

The Shiv Sena representative raised questions about the transparency of the funds collected at these forest check posts, emphasizing the need to understand where the money collected from Hindu devotees is directed. Urging prompt action, Shiv Sena's Sinkar Shivaji appealed to MLA Chikkudu Vamsi Krishna on behalf of the Hindu community to take immediate steps to remove the forest check posts and alleviate the inconvenience faced by devotees.


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