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Shah confident of BJP storming back to power in Rajasthan; Modi PM for the third-term

Hyderabad, 3rd July 2023: Known for his immaculate capability of reading the pulse of the public, BJP heavyweight Amit Shah is sure that the people of Rajasthan will throw out the “3D”

Gehlot government in the upcoming state assembly elections scheduled later this

year. Addressing a massive public rally recently in the state, the Home Minister also

exuded confidence that Narendra Modi will return in 2024 as the Prime Minister for

the third time.

Shah’s confidence stemmed from the enthusiasm the large gathering, stretching up

to the horizons, exhibited in his rally. “Gehlot Ji, why are you running around here

and there at your age? One should send a video of this gathering to the Chief

Minister. He will know that his government’s countdown has begun. The BJP will win

the 2023 and the 2024 elections,” Shah said in his impeccable style.

That the people of the state are frustrated with the Gehlot government was writ large

all over. Gehlot has the dubious distinction of running the “most corrupt”

administration in the country, and various surveys indicated that the state ranked first

in corruption for the past three to four years. Shah used 3D as an acronym for Danga

(Riots), Dalit atrocities, and Durvyavahar (crimes) against women.

Illegal mining activities are rampant. A huge amount of unaccounted cash and one-

kilogram gold were recovered from the state secretariat. Gehlot has failed to fulfil the

promises made by his party in the run-up to the 2018 elections. Farmers' loans are

yet to be waived, the land of 19,000 farmers has been seized for non-repayment of

loans. Youngsters are not getting unemployment dole. The state also ranks atop in

terms of unemployment and rapes in the country.

Shah also attacked the Gehlot government for playing petty appeasement politics.

Accusing the state government of delaying nabbing culprits in the Kanhaiya Lal

murder case, Shah said had it set up a special court, the accused would have been

hanged by now. Lal was hacked to death by two people on June 28 for allegedly

supporting suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet


“Who failed to provide security to Kanhaiya Lal? Whose police stayed quiet?

Rajasthan Police did not want to catch the terrorists. NIA nabbed them,” Shah said,

adding that the Chief Minister should not spread false rumours that no charge sheet

was filed against the suspects. “The charge sheet was filed on December 22, 2022.

Congress should be ashamed of its vote-bank politics," Shah said in no uncertain


Shah also accused the Rajasthan government of giving the banned People's Front of

India (PFI) a free run in the state. "Modiji banned PFI, while under the rule of

Gehlotji, PFI took out a rally in Kota. When Vasundhara Rajeji was CM here, we had

reined in terrorism," Shah claimed.

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