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Savart to Launch the World’s First Fully Automated Investment Fund - 'The Ad Astra Fund'

Hyderabad, 23rd August 2023 - Savart, one of India’s largest investment advisors, is all set to launch its unique Portfolio Management Service (PMS), The Ad Astra Fund, on 26th August 2023, in Hyderabad. The announcement about the launch was made today at The Plaza, Begumpet.

Addressing the media, Mr. Sankarsh Chanda, Founder & CEO of Savart briefed in detail about the launch event which is expected to be graced by the presence of eminent investors from across the country. This unique fund transforms the traditional human led investment research processes and increases the probability of achieving a superior return on investment.

The fund features end-to-end research automation, from investment opportunity discovery until exit i.e., the entire research and investment decision making is driven by their AI research system APART (Advanced Process Automation & Research Technology), which comprises of three engines:

Quant: This engine is responsible for all quantitative & mathematical analysis of securities including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow statements & over 2000 other parameters.

Iris: This engine interprets qualitative & abstract information like corporate governance, moat, sustainability, stakeholder relations, ethics and litigation pertaining to the promoters and the underlying asset, business from annual reports, con-call transcripts, social media & 4,000+ other sources.

Synapse: This engine functions similar to the nervous synapses of the human body, transmitting information between Quant & Iris, while making portfolio construction decisions including asset allocation, re-balancing & trade execution management.

What sets APART a class apart?

Unlike the popular technical & mathematical analysis obsessed quant funds, APART also covers thorough fundamental & qualitative analysis at a scale and speed which is beyond the practical scope of a human research team. APART also evolves and adapts faster than a human fund manager, in line with the prevailing market conditions and opportunities. APART is immune to strategy rigidity and stagnation, which often lead to cycles & long periods of under-performance for even the best human fund managers in the world. APART does not predict or forecast security pricing & financials (which is futile!), but assesses the current market, business situation objectively & makes swift investment decisions.

Speaking about the announcement Mr. Sankarsh Chanda, Founder & CEO of Savart, stated: “Savart's PMS marks a ground-breaking shift in the way we manage portfolios. While AI has become a hot topic at the moment, Savart had embraced its power since inception, initially for its investment advisory services and then for the enterprise division as well. We believe that Ad Astra has an edge over most human fund managers, who mostly fail to beat even the benchmark returns. This is partly due to APART’s unbiased research, exponentially larger coverage & ability to build digital mental models at a lightning speed & scale.

APART’s stellar track record of creating wealth for Savart’s investment advisory clients since 2019 gives us further confidence that bestowing it with the additional freedom to execute investments would further strengthen its wealth creation abilities.”

The Ad Astra Investment Philosophy

· The Ad Astra Fund is a long term investment vehicle. Savart defines long term as a minimum of 3 years and an optimum of 7-10 years.

· The Ad Astra Fund is designed to keep the portfolio churn as low as possible. In the asset management industry, portfolio in-activity is often looked down upon or considered inadequate effort - APART has no such humanly bias!

· The Ad Astra Fund shall maintain a concentrated portfolio, primarily comprising of stock.

· The Ad Astra Fund is agnostic across sectors and market capitalization, thus ensuring access to varied investment opportunities.

About Sankarsh Chanda:

Sankarsh is the Founder & CEO of Savart. He is the author of ‘Financial Nirvana’, a certified research analyst & founded Savart at the age of 19. He is also the founder of Stardour Aerospace, which is building India’s first Orbital Transfer Spacecraft.


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