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Sangh Pariwar blamed for disturbance in Manipur

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The Christian community in Mahabubnagar district have expressed concern over the disturbing situation in Manipur state and they have suspected the hand of Sangh Pariwar for creating discord and destruction among the people in Manipur.

Rev Dr.M.R Sunder Paul President MBNR Town Pastors Association, expressed concern that thousands of people from Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Naga, Maiti and Kukies have been killed as the local BJP government had miserably failed to handle the situation and not able to maintain law and order.

“Hundreds of houses have been burnt to ashes, many churches have been torched, a few hundreds have been killed and many thousands have been left homeless due to the communal flare raged among different communities in the state. Women are raped, even small children are not spared and killed by the violent mobs. Despite of all this, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not speak a single word on the issue. It pains and people are looking at the central government to come down heavily on the culprits and take strict actions against all those who are responsible for causing the disturbances among the communities,” observed the pastor.

Adding further the pastor suspected that the Sangh Pariwarl forces have been sowing the seeds of hatred between the Maiti and Kuki tribes on the basis of religion for a long time. He explained that the BJP government that came to power in that state did not solve the reservation issue properly made it controversial and caused an atmosphere of conflict.

The Association members observed that the central and state governments have seriously failed to stop the violence in Manipur. They blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for keeping silent as if he did not see the serious loss of life and property.

Pastor Sunder Paul observed that if the situation is not addressed right now then he feared that the adverse effect of these developments is likely to fall on the North-Eastern states in the future.


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