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Renove Soumya Cancer Hospital launched in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 21 November 2021 : Renova Hospitals, a Multi Specialty Hospital Chain with its branches at Langar Houz, Sanath Nagar,Kompally and Banjara Hills and has forayed into Cancer Care by inaugurating Renova Soumya Cancer Hospital, its first cancer care facility at Kharkana, Secunderabad today evening. It was inaugurated by Prof Abhijhat Sheth, President, National Board of Examinations as chief guest along Prof. Shiva Kant Misra, Vice President, National Board of Examinations who was the Guest of Honor to the event. The event was also attended by Dr Ajay Kumar, Former Member, National Board of Examinations and Dr E Ravindra Reddy, National Vice President Elect, Indian Medical Association as Special Guests.

RENOVA HOSPITALS – Reclaim Good Health is an Advanced Multi Specialty Hospital with major focus on Trauma & Emergency Care. Renova Hospitals is a chain of hospitals based in Hyderabad, Telagana India. It has branches in Langar house, Sanath Nagar, Bajarahills Kompally, with another 2 more branches coming up early 2021. Under Strong leadership and management, Renova hospitals have evolved as a new hope of Quality & Affordable Health Care Service for needy people. All the facility provides best-in-class infrastructure to its patients with a motive to provide compassionate care. Total group investment is Rs.300 crore. Already invested Rs.120 cr and going to invest another Rs.180cr. and coming up with 6 more branches

RENOVA CANCER HOSPITALS - Further expanding its horizon, Renova Hospitals took a decision to foray into Cancer Care and launched Renova Cancer Hospitals. Accordingly it has inaugurated its first cancer care facility named Renova Soumya Cancer Hospitals at Kharkana, Secunderabad.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Abhijit Seth, President, National Board of Examinations has

expressed confidence that India will win the war against COVID. He asked Renova Soumya Cancer Hospitals to provide affordable cancer care to the people residing in the Hyderabad without compromising the quality. At the same the hospital has to ensure the quality of the care and it should ensure that the quality of the services should not be compromised in the name of affordability, He suggested. He hoped that with this kind of mission only India can provide quality care to all strata of people.

Further speaking on the occasion, Prof. Shiva Kant Misra, Vice President, National Board of

Examinations has emphasized the need to create corporate style health care establishments but at affordable to cost. He said that this can be achieved only with the establishments of smaller hospitals with 100 bed capacity. But the success would depend upon only when they provide all the specialty services under one roof, he added. While doing so these hospitals should not compromise the quality of services.

Finally speaking on the occasion Dr Ravindra Reddy, National Vice President Elect, Indian Medical Association has explained that Hyderabad has became major health center not only for telugu speaking peoples but also for Karnataka, Maharastra. He hoped that Renova Soumya Cancer Hospital will continue that tradition and name.


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