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Real Life Heroes felicitated by CARE Hospitals Banjara Hills

Hyderabad, 2nd August 2023 - In a heart-warming ceremony held today, amidst a gathering of esteemed guests, CARE Hospitals Banjara Hills illuminated the spirit of organ donation and transplantation by honoring the family members of organ donors, fondly referred to as "The Real-Life Heroes." These remarkable individuals have bestowed the priceless gift of life, granting transplant recipients a second chance at life through liver, heart, kidney, and multi-visceral transplants.

The atmosphere at CARE Hospitals Banjara Hills was one of solidarity and purpose, as the family members of cadaver organ donors came together to champion the cause of organ donation, igniting awareness and compassion within the community. Their selfless acts have not only saved lives but have also infused hope into the hearts of those desperate for organ transplants.

Speaking at the event, Smt. Dr. G Swarnalatha, the Head of Jeevandan, passionately urged everyone present to become advocates for organ donation, inspiring active support for this life-giving mission. Adding his voice to the importance of organ donation, Shri Anjani Kumar, the Director General of Police, Govt. of Telangana, emphasized that organ donation transcends medical procedures, touching the very essence of humanity that connects us all as a compassionate community.

Dr. TVS Gopal, Head of Anesthesiology and representative of the organ transplant program team at CARE Hospitals Banjara Hills, eloquently explained the profound significance of organ donation. He highlighted its transformative impact on patients suffering from end-stage organ failure, illustrating how the simple act of enrolling as an organ donor can bridge the gap between life and death. He praised the organ donor families for their noble acts, acknowledging their courage and compassion. Adding to this, Dr Mohammed Abdun Nayeem, Clinical Director & HOD of Liver Transplantation program at Care Hospitals Banjara Hills, highlighted the significant impact of deceased organ donation, acknowledging both the emotional turmoil that families endure when losing a loved one and the immense joy experienced by patients suffering from end-stage organ failure who receive a new chance at life through transplantation. By emphasizing the act of giving through organ donation, he stressed how it brings hope and healing to numerous lives that would otherwise be burdened with organ failure and encouraged individuals to register as organ donors.

"CARE Hospitals has always been at the forefront of supporting organ donation," remarked Mr. Nilesh Gupta, HCOO, CARE Hospitals, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. "We stand proud of our association with these true-life heroes, the organ donors and their families, whose generosity continues to kindle a beacon of hope for transplant recipients. The hospital remains unwavering in its dedication to the cause of organ donation and transplantation, striving to create a society that values and actively participates in saving lives through this noble act."

The ceremony concluded with heartfelt gratitude to the organ donors and their families, a tribute resonating with the power of humanity and love and reinforcing the significance of organ donation as a collective, life-changing endeavor.

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