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Pooja Penumala as Miss Gorgeous of India 2023

Hyderabad, November 6, 2023: Pooja Penumala won the title of Miss Gorgeous of India 2023 in the national level beauty pageant organized by Monty Productions, The Royal Palace, Visakhapatnam. Miss Gorgeous of India 2023. Archana won Sahridayata of India 2023 is up for the title.

Since 2015, Monty Productions has been conducting such competitions for those who want to excel in the modeling and film industry. International fashion choreographer Arun Ratna is training them. All the finalists are provided with free accommodation, food and travel and conduct these beauty pageants in different locations.

Over 100 participants of these competitions, which have been held in three seasons, have got good opportunities in the modeling and film industry. This time the competition was held at the national level and many people from all over the country showed interest. Some of them were selected, trained and taken into competitions. Not just the Miss category

This time they have given opportunities in three other categories namely Mrs., Plus Size and Teens. For the first time in the history of Andhra Pradesh, this national level beauty pageant was organized in Visakhapatnam with the help of the Royal Palace. Rubina Pathan became the winner in the plus size category in this exciting competition which was held from 19th to 23rd October.

Rajahmundry Aparna from Telangana won the Miss Gorgeous of South India 2023 title.

Two Town ACP Murthy to the police department for helping to make these beauty pageants successful Monti Productions expressed their special thanks to CI Vijay Kumar.


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