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PGO & ITCHA signs MoU with Radius for 'Bijlee Buddy,' an advanced prepaid metering system

Hyderabad, July 12, 2023: Thinkwide's PGO, Innovative Hostel, Paying Guest and Co-living booking service platform, in collaboration with IT Corridor Hostels Association (ITCHA), is excited to announce the launch of "Bijlee Buddy," an advanced metering solution provided by Noida-based Radius Synergies International Private Limited (RSIPL).

Hari Krishna, Founder and CEO of PGO, expressed his excitement about the strategic partnership with RSIPL and ITCHA, which aims to introduce advanced metering solution at Hyderabad Hostels and Paying Guest (PG) Facilities. Prepaid electricity meters have gained popularity with the growing need for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By allowing users to prepay for electricity in advance, this solution effectively manages their energy usage and reduces electricity consumption.

Hari highlighted how the prepaid system empowers customers to manage energy costs and promote conservation. The requirement of 200,000 meters in Hyderabad Hostels alone can save up to 7Mn units monthly, setting a benchmark for other markets and emphasizing the value of advanced technologies in enhancing business operations. By initiating such efforts at hostels, which are often considered as home by many millennials, instills in the younger generation the importance of energy conservation right from an early stage.

Tata Karunakar, the General Secretary of IT Corridor Hostels Association (ITCHA), recognizes the immense benefits that the advanced prepaid electric metering solution brings to Hostel PG facilities. With enthusiasm, he highlights how this innovative solution simplifies the management of electricity bills for association members and facilitates effective monitoring of energy usage by residents. The "Bijlee Buddy" solution aligns with ITCHA's commitment to promoting the overall welfare and development of its association members, providing them with tools and resources to enhance their operational efficiency and deliver a superior living experience to residents. This introduction marks a significant milestone in the journey towards organized facility management within the Hostel and PG industry.

Hari Singh, the Managing Director of Radius, shares his optimistic outlook regarding the partnership between Radius, PGO, and ITCHA to implement advanced metering solutions in the Hostel PG marketplace in India. Hari Singh commends PGO and ITCHA for their forward-thinking decision to embrace smart solutions in Hyderabad’s Hostel PG marketplace. He added, the implementation of these solutions is projected to result in significant energy savings of 10 to 15%. This reduction in energy consumption not only benefits individuals by lowering their electricity costs but also contributes to broader societal goals of energy conservation and sustainability.


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