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Personal hygiene and hand wash with sanitizer is the only solution to keep corona away: Dr. Shekar

Mahbubnagar March 21st, 2020:

Maintaining personal hygiene and adopting the habit of regular hand wash with soap water and sanitizer are the only solutions available right now to contain the spread of the deadly corona virus, said Dr. V. Shekar, leading Paediatric specialist and Medical Director of Ravi Children’s hospital in Mahabubnagar.

As there is no particular drug, or antidote or vaccine available right now to treat the patients infected with the highly contagious Corona virus, Dr. Shekar said that it is high time that the public must be created awareness about personal hygiene and the importance of regular hand wash.

With an aim to create awareness to the public and to help them clean their hands with sanitizers, the Ravi children’s hospital in Mahbubnagar district had embarked on a novel initiative of spreading the awareness of hand wash to the public at all the public gathering places like bus stands and other market places in the district.

As part of this initiative, the medical staff from Ravi Children’s hospitals distributed sanitizers and helped the general public in Mahbubnagar bus stand to wash their hands with sanitizers and created awareness among them that washing hands on regular intervals will keep the public away from getting infected with Corona virus. “At present, the spread of Corona virus has entered into to second stage, wherein people who came in contact with those coming from foreign countries have got infected. It is high time we contain this virus at the second state itself. If we neglect it at this stage then it will enter into to the third stage of community spread and if this happens then it will be very difficult to control it. Therefore we at Ravi Children’s hospital have decided to play our social responsibility to create awareness about the hand wash and personal hygiene which would act as a deterrent to the spread of corona virus,” said Dr. Shekar.

Senior doctors and other staff members from Ravi Hospital took part in the hand wash programme and later they created awareness to the public about its significance in containing the spread of corona virus.


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