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ONESTOPD, a USA-based IT Staffing company, celebrated its Indian entity's 6-month anniversary

Hyderabad, 6 August 2023: ONESTOPD, a USA-based IT Staffing company, celebrated its Indian entity's 6-month anniversary at their AS Rao Nagar office last Friday. The event was graced by Mr. A V Ratnam garu, a professional CA and personal auditor for Mr. Konidela Pawan Kalyan garu, who also serves as the chief treasurer to Jana Sena party. Mr. Ratnam was invited as the chief guest and presented the semi-annual awards of ONESTOPD.

In acknowledgment of their remarkable dedication and unwavering commitment, the firm proudly recognized Rithwik Pattlori and Vivekananda Chintala as the recipients of the prestigious "THE KEY CONTRIBUTORS" award, for their outstanding contributions since the inception of the firm. Likewise, Johnston Jayanth William, whose exceptional performance has been evident from the beginning, has been deservedly honored with the esteemed "CHIEF CLOSER" award.

Ashwan Sogala, Archana Padamuthumu, Vivek Reddy Muddam, Sankeerth Deshagouny , and Varun Yama, who have all played instrumental roles in driving the success of OneStopD in their respective capacities. Their standout contributions have earned them well-deserved accolades, and we commend their exemplary efforts.

Mr. Srikanth Singireddy, the CEO, expressed his joy at the team's progress and conveyed his confidence in their ability to achieve their goals and vision in the years to come. He also acknowledged the exceptional leadership of Mr. Anirudh Reddy Kolan, the Head of Operations (INDIA), whose efforts have played a crucial role in keeping the offshore team at its best.

Furthermore, Mr. Anirudh Reddy Kolan, along with Mr. Suraj Kuruganti, the VP of Marketing and Sales, and Mr. Siva Kondru, the VP of Talent Acquisition, emphasized ONESTOPD's commitment to hiring and nurturing local talent to expand the organization in India.v

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