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Oasis Fertility launches dedicated online portal to celebrate World IVF Day

Hyderabad, July 23, 2021: Research has identified significant gaps in people’s knowledge of

fertility and artificial insemination techniques, contributing to a significant delay in planned

parenthood. Effective educational programs need to be developed, to support informed

decisions incease fertility knowledge and support informed family planning. Though millions

suffer from infertility, very few couples are well informed about advanced fertility treatments

and seek assistance from a fertility specialist.

To remove the unnecessary fears and inhibitions regarding infertility, Oasis Fertility is glad to

launch, an exclusive one-stop destination to create awareness, increase

knowledge, dispel myths and change mindsets. The site will hold awareness sessions, have

blogs written by experts, a knowledge section and a Q&A page where people can post queries to be answered by experts.

Although Oasis Fertility already advises would-be parents though counselling groups, online

consultations, social media and several other initiatives, this all-in-one portal will serve as an A-Z guide on IVF treatment, the success of different techniques and factors like health, age,

lifestyle etc., thereby helping couples in taking better informed decision regarding their

parenthood journey.

Being a knowledge-driven institution, Oasis Fertility, a pioneer in fertility treatments is ever

committed to increase awareness about infertility and the treatment options that one could

pursue depending on age, health condition, and lifestyle factors.

“IVF is one of the most important medical discoveries of the 20th century and it has

revolutionized the field of reproductive medicine. But many couples are completely unaware

of advanced fertility treatments and feel the door to parenthood is shut if they have fertility

issues. We at Oasis believe in empowering couples through our knowledge portals, educative

social media groups, Facebook Live, webinars, and other campaigns. As a holistic approach is

needed to achieve pregnancy, we want the public to know the ins and outs of reproductive health and the available technologies” says Dr. Durga G Rao, Co-Founder and Medical

Director, Oasis Fertility.

“Every step towards achieving one’s parenthood dream is invaluable. Both the male and

female partners should take proper care of reproductive health and also be aware of all the

factors that can cause infertility. Infertility in men is on the rise and we at Oasis Fertility are

one of the leaders in male infertility treatment as we have performed more than 100 micro-

TESE, a very unique treatment for sperm retrieval. We hope through this initiative of, we can spread the knowledge on IVF to a larger population thereby emphasizing

the importance of conceiving at an earlier age without any postponement” says Dr. Krishna

Chaitanya, Scientific Head and Chief Embryologist, Oasis Fertility.


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