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Nova Skin and Body inaugurated their world class Skin & Body Clinic at Banjara Hills

Hyderabad, 13 August, 2022: Nava Dermatology's fourth Anniversary was celebrated today at Banjara Hills. Nava first started its operations at hi-tech city in the beginning. After three successful years, they have shifted to Road No. 10, Banjara Hills which has a very good ambience and in house machines for effective treatment. Nava Dermatology is founded by Doctor Duo Dr. Naveen Atluru and Dr. Vritika Gaddam. They have started "Nava" with a vision of providing world class treatment for skin and hair related problems. As of now, they have best of the technology from Germany, Israel, Belgium, & the reat of the world, which is used for an effective treatment. Nava offers a wide range of treatments from painless hair removal and laser toning to injectables like botox and fillers, body contouring and anti aging Laser therapy etc. which are performed under the supervision of experts.

The clinic has an advanced hair removal machine which removes the total hair from a person's body in a span of 5 hours with minimal pain. Also it just takes few seconds to remove facial hair which is like a real advantage for women who undergo very tough procedures to maintain themselves. Also,the doctors at Nava do a detailed inspection of the skin and hair before initiating any form of treatment. All the procedures are performed using best medical equipment causing a very low pain to who ever is undergoing the treatment. The whole treatment process from entry to exit is completely handled by the doctor.

Dr Naveen Atluru while speaking at the occasion said, " We at Nava are committed towards giving best of the treatment to whoever visits our clinic. We have all the latest equipment from Israel and Belgium for treating various skin and hair related ailments. We have a special beard treatment which will give a permanent shape to an individual, which in turn will reduce the time used for shaving and trimming. I would advise people to come and visit a dermatologist rather than self diagnosing using the information which is available on the internet. A trained skin doctor will help an individual to achieve good skin quality using oraganic and safe operating procedures"

Dr . Vritika Gaddam while speaking at the occasion said, " I am really happy that we have completed four years of journey. It was the vision of us to start a dermatology clinic which would solve most of the skin and hair related problems of the people. During this four years, we were able to bring smiles on lot of faces and diagnose few of the complicated skin diseases. I advice everyone to have a proper skin routine so that they feel good about themselves. People should consult a trained and certified dermatologist rather than visiting a chemist or a general physician if they are facing any skin related issues".

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