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New born twin girls poisoned by father saved by doctors

Mahabubnagar 22 September 2020: The newly born twin girls who were earlier poisoned by their father were safely handed over to their mother by Excise and Prohibition minister Srinivas Goud after they were discharged from Ravi Children’s hospital in Mahbubnagar on Tuesday.

Going into the details, earlier on September 4th this month, Keshavulu’s wife Krishnaveni gave birth to twin girls in Desaipally village of Gandeed mandal, however the father Keshavulu was unhappy as his wife had given birth to twin girls and he wanted to eliminate the infants as he felt that they are a burden to his family. As per his plan he stealthy mixed insecticide into the milk of the children and gave them. Later when their mother observed the both girls were vomiting and crying, both the girls were rushed to Ravi Children’s hospital.

According to Dr Sekhar, both the girls were in critical condition when they were admitted to the hospital. They had treated both the twin infants for 22 days and saved both the babies. “Both the infant twins under critical conditions are successfully treated and discharged. We have provided the entire treatment for the babies free of cost. Both the babies are now safe and healthy,” said Dr Sekhar.

Srinivas Goud, who visited the hospital consoled her mother and handed over the babies to her. The Minister thanked the hospital authorities for providing free treatment worth of Rs. 6 lakhs. “It is unfortunate that in spite of government doing a lot to save girl child and to protect them by providing free education, financial help during marriage and other aids, the people in the society are still not changing and viewing girl child as a burden and even resorting to killing them mercilessly. Today girls are no less than any male child and both male and female are considered equal in all respects. The government will take serious actions against such people,” said the MLA. Later the MLA thanked the hospital authorities and felicitated Dr. Sekhar for saving the lives of little girls by providing advanced treatment free of cost.


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