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Mrinal bags AIR 01 thanks to his training at Aakash Institute

Hyderabad, November 01, 2021: Following a well-balanced routine marked by focused sessions of study and adequate breaks, Mrinal Kutteri, a student of Aakash Institute Hyderabad has scored a perfect 720 marks in NEET UG 2021 and secured AIR 01. Once a chemical engineering aspirant, Mrinal decided to be a doctor as a class 9 student when he realized that the medical field would give him a better opportunity to serve the society, and a career in healthcare would always be interesting and challenging.

“From day one, my mentors at Aakash Institute asked me to study National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) books thoroughly. Initially I found the NCERT material and other resources from Aakash quite in-depth and exhaustive. But I quickly got into the habit of studying intently for short durations of about 45 minutes and taking a rejuvenating break of 10-15 minutes after that. This proved to be productive, and I could score well in tests,” Mrinal says. For him, breaks mostly meant playing video games or watching TV. His parents - software engineer mother and HR consultant father, did not have to breathe down his neck, as Mrinal had the willpower to get back to his studies after every short break.

“I did not leave my hobbies while preparing for NEET. I think that to do so would have been counterproductive,” Mrinal opines. He says that the lockdown period was a double edged sword. Though there was no time wasted on travel, studying from home could be very distracting. Hence, he made sure that he had an environment optimized for focused study. For instance, he did not have a mobile phone near him when he studied. “I reduced my interactions with friends during the last month before the NEET exam. But I did not cut myself off from the outside world in the name of NEET.”

Commenting about the stupendous success of Mrinal, Mr Aakash Chaudhry, Managing Director, Aakash Educational Services Limited, said, “The entire team at Aakash was rooting for Mrinal, who was one of our brightest students. We found him very confident and consistent. He had the right frame of mind and the headspace needed for his study. He also never missed an opportunity to clear his doubts with his teachers and mentors. He was always the first one to turn in the assignments. The interesting thing about Mrinal is that he never allowed himself to come under any undue pressure or stress. We congratulate Mrinal for winning in style. We wish him all the best with his higher studies and a fulfilling career in medicine.”

Mrinal thanked his teachers and mentors at Aakash for pushing him to improve his performance but without pressuring him. He mentioned that the mock tests he took at Aakash almost every alternate day boosted his confidence in cracking the final NEET exam.


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