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Moolagundam Art Gallery exhibits Modern India art

Hyderabad, 18th March, 2019: Moolagundam Art Gallery is a standalone foundation dedicated towards celebrating the awe – inspiring Art and culture from all over India in the city of the Hyderabad that has always been the cradle of exalted aesthetics and beauty in tandem.

Moolagundam Art Gallery is not just a place to visit and witness art but a ground with the aim to promote contemporary Indian Art by building a platform for upcoming talents and creating a medium for intellectuals, Art Lovers and creative minds. The Gallery shall host multiple events around the year that ranges across Exhibitions, Seminars, Artist Workshops, Cultural Festivals, Art Fairs, Fundraisers, Receptions and Felicitations and much more to make the art available for the broadest possible audience.

Krishna Moolagundam, the heart and brain behind MOOLAGUNDAM ART GALLERY is known to be a fervent lover of art and everything about it. Following the foots steps of his ancestors he has collected over 1000 art works from all over the country. He met artists in person in their studios to better understand their minds and their creativity. His personal collection of artworks by the finest Indian artists of all time, has served as the bedrock for the first ever exhibition of Moolagundam Art Gallery – "HALLUCINATIONS" – curated by Anita & Vilas Kulkarni - Visual Artists.

The collection of art works by over forty five artists spanning over three centuries brought together for this exhibition, Hallucinations makes for an incredible journey for every art lover. It makes you travel through time, through art movements, through trends, and plot the history of the subcontinent by way of its reflection in Indian art by the pioneers of their time.

It cuts across geographic divisions, and political markers to give an essence of the magnificent journey that Indian art has taken, and while on this journey, has surpassed its preceding phase to reach a greater height in global recognition and artistic creativity. Artworks in this exhibition weave together a tapestry of the rich cultural diversity of the sub continent and celebrate the pioneering creativity of the artists featured here.

Moolagundam Art Gallery houses a-one-of-a-kind library - “DEEPSHIKHA” which is no less than a treasure trove for art book lovers. The collection is reminiscent of times immemorial and some of the titles have been passed down over generations. Some others are relics of a glorious past to bask right into its own essence for any reader.

The gallery offers itself as a premier centre-piece of attraction sprawling over 5500sqft envisioning the ultimate in bounteous creativity & eminence.

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