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Modi digging his own grave, through his suppressive actions against opposition, CPI State secretary

BIF News service

Mahabubangar, March 27, 2023:

Communist Party of India’s state secretary, Kunamneni Sambashiva Rao, who visited Mahabubangar on Monday, slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his undemocratic, dictatorial, and suppressive actions against the opposition parties and for trying to stifle their voices in the parliament.

While addressing to media at the CPI party office in the district, the former CPI MLA said that the central BJP government led by Prime Minister is digging his own grave by his undemocratic methods of administration and trying to introduce Manu Adharma Shastra into the Constitution and trying to impose religious radical ideology on the people and depriving of their rights provided by the constitution.

“Modi is trying to suppress the voices of the opposition party by filing false and fabricated cases against those who are questioning the government on its failures. By doing so Modi is digging his own grave, because people are seeing everything and they are the best judges, who will give their verdict against the Modi government in the next elections,” observed the state CPI secretary.

Adding further Sambasivarao accused the BJP of trying to add Manu Adharma shastra to the Constitution and decided to divide the nation in the name of religion just to gain politically and put the secular fabric of this country at stake.

He further said that the BJP leaders, on one hand, are claiming to make India one country and one people, but in contrast to that, they are trying to incite hatred among people for their own needs and dividing the people in the name of religion.

Sambashiva Rao further attacked Modi’s government and said that BJP may even resort to changing the Preamble of the Constitution by amending the Constitution according to their needs. It is ironic that BJP leaders who have forgotten that Hinduism existed before the emergence of RSS in the country claim that they are the representatives of Hinduism.

Kunamneni further accused the BJP government and said that the darkest era is going on in the country ever since BJP took the reins of administration miserable conditions have been created in the country which were never seen even before independence.

“Modi's autocratic policies are the most dangerous for democracy. The BJP government is running the administration with the evil idea of not listening to the opposition,” said the CPI leader.

Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification, he questioned if it is wrong to say how come all the thieves who looted the country have Modi as their surname against their names, for which he has been disqualified and even punished for two years of jail by the court.

The CPI leader accused Prime Minister Modi of illegally prosecuting patriots, intellectuals, and journalists while siding with traitors who are looting the country.

He alleged that the country's money is being illegally transferred to private persons by selling the profit-making public sector organizations to private companies. PSUs like LIC, banks, BSNL, railways, defense, etc. have been sold out by this government and helping to gain one single person Adani.

The former CPI leader demanded National status for PRRLI project and said it is really unfortunate that the state BJP leaders have failed to pressure the central government to get the National status for PRRLI which is becoming the lifeline of the district with green crops and changing lives of the people in the state.

CPI former district secretary Paramesh Goud, and other district leaders were present on the occasion.

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