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MLA Devi Reddy Sudhir Reddy participated organ in donation program @Lbnagar

Hyderabad 01-January -2023: Telangana State Health Minister Mr. Harish Rao, LB Nagar MLA Mr. Devi Reddy Sudhir Reddy and chair person of Jayachandra Reddy Charitable Trust Mrs. Kamala Sudhir Reddy participated as chief guests in the organ donation program organized by Jayachandra Reddy Charitable Trust today. They said on the occasion we can't artificially make the heart. After death a person can donate 200 organs and tissues from his body. Eyes, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, kidney, large intestine, small intestine, bones, trunk can be donated. On an average after a person dies Life can be given to six people. The 'Jeevanadan' program started by the state government is in the process of formulating guidelines. After death, the organs should be transplanted within hours. If the heart stops and dies, the eyes and heart valves can be collected within 6 to 24 hours. Most of the cases of death in road accidents are declared as brain death. Organs can be collected before being brought out In case of death, four to five hours, liver 8-10 hours, kidneys must be collected within 24 hours. Organs can be donated to blood relatives while still alive. Mandatory. Healthy people of all ages are eligible for organ donation. They can give their consent to use their body parts after their death. With the approval of their relatives, their organs are collected for transplantation. After that, the organ donors are given certificates of honor and identity cards. C. Chairman Erra Ravinder, Hastinapuram Corporator Sujatha Naik, Jeevan Dhan Representative Swaralatha, Coordinator Dr. Bhanuchander, B Da Change Foundation Chairman Ranchalla, Vemuri. Narsimha Reddy, Ex-Corporators Mudraboina Srinivasa Rao, Koppula Vithal Reddy, Padma Naik, Sagar Reddy, Jitta Rajasekhar Reddy, Division Presidents Chintala Ravikumar Gupta, Satyanchari, Rajireddy, Chiranjeevi, LB Nagar A.C.


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