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Metamorphosis School For Entrepreneurship Conducted Inspiring Program At Hyderabad

Hyderabad, March 27, 2021: Metamorphosis School for Entrepreneurship on the 27th of March 2021 conducted an inspiring program named Unheard Story at HICC Novotel from 10 AM to 4 PM with an objective of having conversations about failures, their importance in terms of the experience they provide to any individual and how rather than being looked down upon, they should rather be celebrated as the most enriching experiences of our lives.

The event witnessed many industry stalwarts discussing their unheard stories as panel discussions and keynote speeches while having conversations around topics in the education space which really matter in today’s world. Throughout the day, the audience were engaged in meaningful discussions moderated by Metamorphosis School of Entrepreneurship students aged between 12 – 16 years. With attendees like Mr. Jayesh Ranjan (IAS), Mr. Suresh Reddy (CEO Brightcom Group), Dr. Usha Reddy (CEO Meridian School), Ms. Sri Lakshmi Reddy (Founder & Director Keystone Education Group), Mr. Rakesh Gupta (Managing Partner LoEstro Advisors), Ms. Meghna Musunuri (Founder Fountainhead Global School & College), Ms. Sindhuri Reddy (Managing director Pernia Academy), Ms. Madhuri Duggirala (Sr. Director Google), Dr. Chandrashekar (CEO Jain Schools), Mrs. Sharani Ponguru (Director Narayana Education Institution), Dr. Skand Bali (Principal HPS School), Mr. Ravi Vemuri (Parent) Mr. Bhanu Prakash (World’s fastest Human Calculator) and Mr. Sudhakar Rao (Director ICFAI) ask key speakers in the event, the audience throughout the day witnessed many unheard stories and meaningful conversations around topics like Women Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship in School, India’s Population – Bane or Boon, the current Education system and failures in general.

Starting from the introductory speech till the last session all the speakers resonated with a common theme of highlighting the importance any failure plays in a person’s life and how every failure is an experience of it’s own kind which teaches many valuable lessons. The panellists discussed about the importance of creating an entrepreneurial mindset in students starting from a very young age in order to prepare them for the 21st century world so that they are ready to tackle any problems head on and are aware about the various things happening around the world.

The event was attended by students, teachers, principal and parents from schools across Hyderabad who considered the event to be really engaging and thought provoking. With Unheard Story, Metamorphosis envisions to bring many more such failure stories to life so that people can share their experiences and learnings to motivate others who look down upon failures or are afraid to fail and in this way normalise failures in the society.

About Metamorphosis - Metamorphosis is the world’s first organisation to introduce entrepreneurship to students at school level. The company’s vision is to empower students with the entrepreneurial skills sets across the globe with the mission to nurture more job creators than job seekers who would contribute to the country's economic development. With this goal of nurturing young entrepreneurs and preparing them for the uncertainties of the future, Metamorphosis is currently engaged with more than 15,000 students across the country who have started their entrepreneurial journey with experiential learning and case based teaching methodologies.


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