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Mend your teeth in 24 hours! Saritha Implants and asthetic dentistry come out with innovative cure

Hyderabad January 22, 2021: Completely assisted by digital workflow, where cameras were effectively used in scanning implant positions, the procedure thoroughly scores over the conventional method that takes 4-6 months for the permanent denture, and also has post-operative side effects Hyderabad January 22, 2021 Hyderabad-based Saritha Implants and Aesthetic Dentistry (SIAD) has yet again achieved a distinction by performing permanent fixed dentures procedure in a record time of 24 hours, while adopting a digital surgical and prosthetic flow.

This is for the first time in India that the guided implant placement for straight 5 implants (Noris) was performed in the lower jaw, and restored with permanent Graphene prosthesis, in a laparoscopic method, with complete computerized assistance. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Akash, Managing Director, said that it was a challenge of sorts, where edentulousness or lack of teeth in the lower arch had affected the patient.

“The entire process was even more complex, considering the patient was aged around 65 years. we have been working hard to provide path-breaking and technology-driven dental procedures which not only reduce the surgical and recovery time, but also ensure effective solutions for dental issues. This time too, we adopted a digitally-driven procedure where we placed straight 5 implants in the lower jaw and restored it with permanent prosthesis, using cameras. The seamless experience, as claimed by the patient, was the result of the team’s hard work and focus for more than a year,” Dr Akash.

The doctors placed the implants with pilot drill guide, where the implants positions were scanned with the I Cam. The denture was milled in monolothis G-Cam and gingival layering was done by lab composites, the lab courtesy going to Crown Company. Dr Akash added that the case could have been handled conventionally with regular impression procedures and immediate dentures. “But it would take 4-6 months for the permanent denture to be fixed, and the patient has to make regular visits to the hospital. Considering the patient’s age and Covid risk, we adopted this foolproof workflow that enabled us to go from no-teeth to full permanent set within 24 hours,” he said, enthusing confidence that Saritha would pioneer navigational surgery in the near future. Narrating her experience, the patient, D Sukanya said due to the steady loss of teeth, she lost her confidence levels and happiness.

A team of doctors, ably assisted by laboratory technicians, performed the surgery for three hours. All Covid-related safety protocols were strictly adhered to fast-growing dental facility that has been working towards introducing several game-changer dental procedures, bringing convenience of fast recovery, shorter hospital stay and most importantly effective and permanent implant solutions.


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