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Mekins in association with ARCI and DST develops safe UVC cabinet box

Hyderabad 08/06/2020: Hyderabad Based Company Mekins has developed  UVC Safe Cabinet Box in association with ARCI & DST (Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India - UVC Safe Cabinet Box helps in sanitizing non-critical hospital products like doctors Jacket, etc.

According to company sources, it is learnt that the new and innovative product can also be effectively used in retail industry to sanitize apparels in trial room & also helps in disinfecting courier boxes. 

"Safe and effective strategies, technologies and products for disinfecting spaces, surfaces and various objects become increasingly critical in breaking the chain of virus transmission in the post-lockdown times. Simple, safe and cost-effective solutions based on UV light, thermal treatments, and aerosol mists of acceptable non-chlorine based disinfectants will thus be increasingly pressed in service”, said Prof Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary,DST. These products were developed with lot support & co-ordination between Dr. G. Padmanabham (Director ARCI), Dr. Tata Narasinga Rao (Associate Director, ARCI) & Mayank Agarwal (CEO, Mekins Industries Limited).

Mayank Agarwal (CEO, Mekins Industries Limited), said “Over the past few weeks we have launched UVC Trolley, UVC Safe Box & UVC Handheld Safe Blade. This week we have also launched UVC Safe Cabinet. UVC Cabinet is very useful to dis-infect non-critical hospital items like laboratory wear, doctor’s jacket, etc.

Further, UVC Safe Cabinet will also come very handy in retail shops selling clothes as it can be used to dis-infect apparels before & after a customer uses them in a trial room. Presently as per the guidelines, all trial rooms in retail shops are closed, hence by using the UVC Safe Cabinet, retailers can explore dis-infecting the clothes being tried out by the customer without leaving any residue. With our company’s expertise & learning while dealing with the automobile customers, we were able to develop these UVC based systems with the available in-house R&D Team. The UVC disinfection systems are very helpful to dis-infect hospitals, airports, malls, railway coaches, offices & factories. The UVC based box & UVC Blade are very useful to dis-infect personal items (like purse, wallet, mobile, helmet, keys, courier boxes, etc) which we get into to our house & offices”.

UV light in the range of wavelengths between 200 and 300 nm is capable of inactivating microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, thus disinfecting both air and solid surfaces.

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