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Medicover India has launched Medicover Home Healthcare services

Hyderabad, 17th March 2021: Mr. Hari Krishna, Executive Director, Medicover India has launched Medicover Home Healthcare services on 17th March 2021 along with Mr. Neeraj Lal, Group senior Vice President, Medicover India, Dr. Krishna Prasad, Chief Cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Ghansham, Director Critical care, Dr. Rahul, Chief internal medicine physician & Dr. Vinod, Director of Radiation Oncology to reach out to all the patients at their home for their healthcare needs. It will allow people who require extra care to remain in their homes, reducing the burden otherwise shouldered by health care facilities. The services also can be less expensive than these other facilities.

Dr Sateesh Kumar Kailasam, Director for Emergency Medicine at Medicover hospitals who is spearheading this initiative said “Medicover Hospitals known for the quality care of international standards starting from entry to exit of the patient now brings the new Healthcare convenience for the patients at home. We understand the various needs of the patient post discharge from the hospital and decided to be with them at home when they need us the most."

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Neeraj Lal, Senior Vice President, Medicover India said “Home Healthcare is the only way where we can connect with the patients after they get discharged from the hospital which will improve the continuity of care. And with the Medicovered application, like BookMyShow, patients can easily choose the available slots & book the appointments, health checkups & other home healthcare services in few clicks. This is going to transform the patient experience by making their journey more convenient & comfortable.”

As a hospital, we rarely go a step further to take care of the patients after they are discharged from the premises. A study reveals that only 35% of the overall care is provided by the care provided in a hospital & if we leave the patient after discharge, the patient is alone in his 65% of the recovery journey. In order to be in touch with the patient & be accessible to them we have launched this service.

In Medicover Home Healthcare following services are involved:

· Doctor at Home

· Nursing at home

· Physiotherapist at home

· Small Procedures at Home

· Home Sample Collection

· Medicine delivery

There is a team of trained consultants, Nurses & physiotherapist managed by Medicover Hospitals who will help in the seamless home healthcare experience.

The inauguration also launches ‘Medicovered’, an application designed for the patient that will facilitate in Booking Appointments, Health Checkups for their hospital visit, requesting an ambulance, ordering medicines at home & booking any service of Medicover Home Healthcare. Patients can also view their bills, lab reports & their history of previous visits to the hospital. This will serve the vision of Medicover going paperless for the OPD journey of the patient.


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