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Medicover Hospitals Launches the Medicover Journal of Medicine: A Landmark in Medical Advancement

Hyderabad, 20 March 2024: Medicover Hospitals announce the launch of the Medicover Journal of Medicine (MJM) , a premier platform aimed at encouraging innovation and research in medicine worldwide.Our vision is to shape the future of medicine by providing researchers, consultants, and medical students with access to the latest advancements. Additionally, the MJM Journal seeks to promote community engagement and awareness, thereby influencing the academic future of medicine.

This significant milestone was celebrated with esteemed dignitaries in attendance, Sri. VC Sajannar Garu, IPS Managing Director of Telangana State Road Transport Corporation, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Reflecting on the launch, appreciated Our Efforts towards improving   Healthcare sector with this Kind of initiatives. He Further said that Without research one can never become a thought leader and Medicover has always been in forefront with research and driving progress in the medical field.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Medicover Journal of Medicine on March 20, 2024. We warmly invite all researchers, scholars, and practitioners from all over the world to join us on this exciting journal journey. Submitting an article to Medicover Journal of Medicine is an opportunity to participate in a "deliberative conversation" about the latest innovations in healthcare technology. In order to tackle serious issues and discover new frontiers, our interdisciplinary platform is eager to receive entries that show innovation, strength, and relevance. Articles published in Medicover Journal of Medicine are subject to a rigorous peer review procedure that guarantees the greatest level of academic integrity. The editorial board of the journal is comprised of eminent scholars and experts from a wide range of disciplines. Every piece of published work will be subject to our rigorous standards for scholarly excellence, originality, and impact, and we will spare no effort in this regard. In order to encourage innovation and offer people with knowledge and information, Medicover Journal of Medicine publishes the most recent scientific findings in the field of medicine from across the world. Community engagement and awareness will be driven towards an enhanced state by this. Understanding the significance of health literacy and informed decision-making in promoting health Medicover Journal of Medicine aims at breaking down intricate scientific research into simple terms for public consumption. The journal intends to empower people by providing them with the knowledge and resources required to make informed choices about their health and lifestyle through this initiative. future said by Dr. Satheesh Kumar Kilasam- Group Medical Director

We are thrilled to announce the launch of journal "Medicover Journal of Medicine”. Medicover Hospitals has launched this premier platform to encourage and bring in innovation and research done in the field of medicine across the world. Its aim is to shape the future of medicine by providing access to all from researchers, consultants and medical students of the latest advancements in the field of medical sciences. It will leap to the promotion of community engagement and awareness. Join us in shaping the academics. Said Dr. Anil Krishna, CMD Medicover Group of Hospitals.

Dr Sharath Reddy Says Health care service in India has been evolving and competing with that of developed nations.  Many Indian start-ups are working in parallel with doctors and hospitals to build indigenous equipment, devices and other paraphernalia due to reduce the cost burden on patients and to make it available equitability to all the citizens irrespective of socio, economic divide. Though the amount of clinical material available in our country is much beyond that in developed nations. We are not generating data to prepare our own guidelines. To encourage this process of data generation and build enthusiasm in healthcare personal for proactive involvement into the process of generating guidelines. Medicover hospital has initiated Medicover journal of medicine (MJM) which can be utilised by not only health care professionals of Medicover hospitals and also others. This is first of its kind by any health care chain in our country. 

Dr. Kumar Narayan Says Healthcare in India has witnessed enormous strides over the past 2 decades. Healthcare professionals in our country are on par with the best in the world and we have the ability to provide world class treatment to patients. However, one area where we have been traditionally lagging behind compared to the West is in research and publications. The medical problems facing our population often differ from that seen in Western countries and there is a real necessity to conduct research specifically focused on issues relevant to our patients. Therefore there’s a great need to have our own medical literature which encourages such research and provides a platform for publication and dissemination of information. With this in mind, Medicover Hospitals has taken the visionary initiative of launching Medic over Journal of Medicine, a scientific journal aimed at promoting high quality research and publications related to all aspects of medical science. Furthermore, this is an open access journal, which is completely free for both authors and readers; thus providing a valuable resource to the medical community. We hope that this initiative will inspire all medical professionals and take healthcare standards even higher in society.


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