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Medicover Hospitals Doctors coducted a rare surgery and reconstructed Urethra of a Somalian man

Hyderabad, 7th February 2020: A Team of doctors at Medicover Hospitals in Hyderabad coducted a rare surgery and re constructed the Urethra of a Somalian farmer, which was cut of due to bullet injury and gave him a new lease of life.

The 70-year-old farmer from Somalia was earlier suffered a bullet injury and was brought to MediCover Hospitals for treatment. After careful study of the case the team of expert doctors decided to reconstruct the Urethra.

Seven months ago, the patient, Mr. Dahir afrah Mohamed man was walking towards his farm in the morning when a terrible firing started between rival groups. He got caught in the crossfire and one bullet entered his body close to the pubic bone. The bullet tore through his urinary passage (urethra) below the prostate and exited through his right buttock. He was lucky to survive as the bullet missed his major blood vessels but it left him unable to pass urine. He was taken to the local hospital where he underwent a surgery where a tube was pushed directly into his bladder. He had multiple fistulae leaking urine from his buttock wound. Gradually all the fistulae healed.

To get back to normalcy, he contacted Dr. Ravi Kumar, Consultant Urologist, MediCover Hospitals, and came here for further procedure. Investigations revealed that his urethra completely cut off.

“As his urethra is completely cut off, we had to devise a plan for this surgery to be successful. To get the two ends together we cut off the pubic bone and mobilised both ends and sutured them in a marathon five hour surgery. The surgery was complex as it comprised more than one processes but we could carry out with perfection due to meticulous planning and vast experience in similar cases. This was a very rare case due to its severity and such a complex disconnected ends of urethra which could get back the functionality of the urethra. Patient’s tubes were removed after four weeks and he is passing urine freely now.,” says Dr A V Ravi Kumar, Consultant Urologist, MediCover Hospitals.

The operation was done by Dr A V Ravi Kumar, team of doctors Patient Mr. Dahir afrah Mohamed, said, “I was really worried about my health due to this problem. We were clueless of the next step to be taken, that is when I came to know about Dr Ravi Kumar and the treatment that was required for me. The doctors were very cooperative throughout the procedure and gave me immense support. We are very thankful to MediCover Hospital for helping me get back to normal life.”


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