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Malabar Gold & Diamonds store to show case 300 diamond solitaires in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 10th August2019: Forever mark, the diamond brand from the DeBeers Group will show case a collection of over 300 diamond solitaires at the Malabar Gold & Diamonds store in Somajiguda,Hyderabad.

These beautiful solitaire pieces, starting from 0.14 carats on wards, will be on display from 10th August–25th August 2019. TheShowhasbeenlaunchedbyMs.Nandini Rai,inthepresenceofCustomers,Well-wishers and Malabar Gold & diamonds Management Team Members.

Forever mark diamonds are the world’s most carefully selected diamonds while Malabar Gold & Diamonds are known for their uncompromised quality, trust and transparency.

The solidarity of these two brands have brought about an ideal association to offere legant diamond solitaires that come with aunique inscription number by Forever mark assuring you that they are the most beautiful,rare and responsibly sourced diamonds. Talking about the solitaire show, Mr.SirajPK,ZonalDirector, Malabar Gold and Diamonds,

Malabar Gold &Diamonds, said, “We, at Malabar Gold & Diamonds, are delighted to showcase Forever mark’s unique diamond solitaires at our store. Knowing that less than 1% of the world’s diamonds are eligible to Forever mark drives us to design the best india diamond jewellery for our customers."


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