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Malabar Gold & Diamonds, exhibits Artistry Branded Jewellery at Somajigud from Dec 21-29

Hyderabad December 21 , 2019 : Malabar Gold and Diamonds, is showcasing ‘Artistry ’, an exclusive exhibition and sale of gold, diamond, and precious gems jewellery at its Showroom at Somajiguda in Hyderabad.

The featured ornaments having timeless elegance are creations of master craftsmen. These jewels are shining examples of their expertise and ingenious skills, justifying the theme of the show ‘EXPERIENCE WEARABLE ART’.

The Artistry show is inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr. Preeti Reddy - Mallareddy Narayana

Hospitals MD in the presence of Malabar Gold & Diamonds Management Team, distinguished guests and well wishers.

The show features the exclusive brands of Malabar Gold & Diamonds MINE - diamond jewellery,ERA - uncut diamond jewellery, PRECIA - precious gems jewellery, ETHNIX - handcrafted jewellery, DIVINE - Indian heritage jewellery, Hi - Casual jewellery, and Starlet - kid’s jewellery. The show is from 21 ST - 29 TH Dec 2019, at Malabar Gold & Diamonds SOMAJIGUDA Showroom.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds, one amongst the most trusted jewellery brands is the flagship

company of the Malabar Group, a fastest growing business conglomerate of India. The group

earmarks a distinct share of its annual profit for Corporate Social Responsibility activities in the

field of health, education, and housing for the poor, woman’s empowerment and environment

conservation initiatives. Malabar Gold & Diamonds is trendsetter in the retail gold industry having 250 showrooms across India, Singapore and the GCC, informed on this occasion by company management representatives Mr. Shareej.

Exclusive Jewellery Details:

MINE – Diamonds Unlimited

CELEBRATE THE SPARKLE OF DIAMONDS – The jewellery crafted for our exclusive diamonds lovers. The craftsmanship that works miracles on perfectly cut diamonds. From the deep mine it origins ad ends up in your declaration-Mine!

ETHNIX – Handcrafted Designer Jewellery

CELEBRATE THE BEAUTY OF HANDCRAFTED ELEGANCE – Our Wide Collection of Ethnix jewellery traces its roots back to handcrafted jewellery. The painstakingly hand worked designs, brings the beauty with traditional richness. Adore the glory of rich past.

ERA – Uncut Diamonds Jewellery

CELEBRATE THE RECREATION OF ROYAL ERA – A jewel beyond the virtual beauty. Uncut

diamonds that blooms on the finest gold. Designed with dedicated care to glorify the princess in you.

PRECIA – Precious Gem Jewellery

CELEBRATE THE PRECIOUS MOMENTS – Precious are your moments. Precious are our gems.Own the elegance and charm to those precious moments. The graceful collection of gem jewellery is designed for the women of today.

DIVINE – Indian Heritage Jewellery

CELEBRATE THE GREAT INDIAN TRADITION – The traditional designs that blend the culture and vintage lifestyle of that bye gone golden era with the fascinating ornament concepts of today’s.

STARLET – Kids Jewellery

CELEBRATE THE TWINKLE OF YOUR LITTLE STARS – Doll up your kids with the attractive jewels in fun designs. Starlet jewelery is a product of latest child friendly technology that cares the tender skin of your kids, as you care. Let them twinkle like little stars.


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