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Mahabubnagar Development Forum Demands Local Representation for MP Ticket

Palamuru News service


The call for local representation in the upcoming parliamentary elections echoed loudly as the Mahabubnagar Development Forum, under the leadership of Chairman Munnuru Ravi, demanded that the Mahabubnagar MP ticket be allotted to candidates from the region.

Expressing concerns over the lack of attention paid to local issues by non-local MPs, Chairman Munnuru Ravi emphasized the importance of having responsible representatives who understand the region's challenges intimately. He lamented the fact that despite 17 parliamentary elections being held since the formation of the Mahabubnagar constituency, only a handful of local candidates have been elected as MPs.

During a meeting convened at the Telangana Non-Gazetted Officers' Building in Mahabubnagar district headquarters, Chairman Munnuru Ravi stressed that local MPs are essential for ensuring justice and development in the region. He criticized the prevailing trend of major political parties favoring non-local candidates, attributing it to vested interests in distributing money and liquor.

Highlighting the plight of the region's youth, who often migrate due to lack of employment opportunities, Chairman Munnuru Ravi underscored the need for MPs who are actively engaged with the local community. He accused non-local MPs of neglecting their duties by failing to establish camp offices to address the grievances of the people.

Demanding a shift towards local representation, Chairman Munnuru Ravi urged all political parties to prioritize candidates who have relinquished their personal interests for the greater good of the region. He argued that local MPs, equipped with a deep understanding of local issues, would not only win the trust and support of the people but also drive meaningful development initiatives.

The forum, represented by a diverse group including Sarangi Vinay Kumar, Honorary President; Sajida Sikander, Social Activist and Senior Journalist; Patel Venkatesh, Vice President; Mohammad Masiuddin, Former Councillor and MDF Minority President; Musangi Venkatesh, President of Mudiraj Seva Samiti; Balagam Poornachander Goud, National President of World Human Rights Commission; Mohammad Sameer, MDF Convenor, Devarakadra; Omkar, Student Leader, and other members of caste associations, pledged to intensify their efforts to secure local representation in the upcoming elections.

With a commitment to champion the cause of local empowerment, the Mahabubnagar Development Forum vowed to engage with political party leaders and submit memorandums advocating for MP tickets to be allotted to deserving local candidates.




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