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Lord of the Drinks, India's Premiere Culinary and Nightlife space opens up in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad 18th April 2023 : A popular name among food and party lovers Across India, Lord of The Drinks has finally arrived in Hyderabad and is set to change the culinary and nightlife scene across the city of Nawabs. Constantly striving to evolve and grow, Lord Of The Drinks is now open in 13 places across 11 cities where every outlet has a bespoke feel and a unique identity when it comes to the ambiance and influences on the food and bar, taking heavy inspiration from the city's culture, ingredients and spirit.

Looking to take a bite out of the ever-changing and expanding food and nightlife scene in Hyderabad, the tycoons Yash Trivedi and Kush Trivedi wanted to shake up the status quo in the city. They had the vision to open a space unmatched in elegance, design, food, and cocktails while still being connected to their roots in the city & what better way to do the same than to tie up and bring in a stalwart in the scene across India with Lord Of The Drinks from the mind of Mr. Priyank Sukhija, the MD & CEO at First Fiddle.

Speaking on this launch Mr. Yash Trivedi, Managing Director, Innato Hospitality says “With each LOTD being a unique and bespoke concept influenced by the culture, heritage, and ingredients of the host city, the collab was a no-brainer which would allow the world-class standards and expertise of First Fiddle meet ingenuity and passion of Hyderabad. This is an absolute game changer."

Adding more to it Mr. Kush Trivedi, Managing Director, Innato Hospitality said “Lord of the Drinks provides an unmatched dining and nightlife experience in Hyderabad, boasting of exquisite cuisine and a lively ambiance. Enter a realm of opulence and treat yourself to the finest selection of food and drinks, as Lord of the Drinks invites you on an exceptional gastronomic voyage. The culinary experience at Lord of the Drinks is unparalleled, as our chef has carefully crafted a menu that caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of our patrons”.

The Interiors are done by the renowned Designer, Ameet Mirpuri and take inspiration from the fluidity of modern art where curves and asymmetry come together seamlessly to make symmetry across the 24,000 sq. feet of space spanning from the dramatic 45 feet height lobby at the entrance, past the indoor swirl island bar, the large windows, the backdrop of the stage and onto fabulous green foliage views of the organic outdoor area as well.

he kitchen is helmed by Chef Shiva where he has dug deep into his travels around the world to give you a menu that is both local and global at the same time with signature dishes like the Cream Cheese Dumpling, Lamb Kheema Eclairs, Vegan Caesar Salad, Apricot Kebab, Truffle Mushroom Arancini, Ghee Roast Chicken, Crab E Cigar, Lords Chooza, Churan Lamb Chops, Chicken Pepperoni Pizza, Mutton Kakori Kebab, Sumac Rubbed Fish, Mango California Roll, and Blue Pea Dimsum in mains Srilankan chicken curry, Asparagus malai kofta, Smoky Rogan josh, and signature desserts Mulberry tres leche,Tira mis u and many more.. The blend of flavors from around the world, catering to all kinds of palates, from Asian to Lebanese, Lord of The Drinks offers a perfect symphony of cultures and tastes that will leave you mesmerized. Let our Swirl bar bring out your deepest desires with magical tipples and inspired decoctions ready to be launched with flair, fire, and smoke at our mixologists' fingers. with Mixologist Prashant Mishra leading the bar, his 15 years of experience under his apron bring to you mad cap infusions and ingredients, technique-forward cocktails infused with the spirit of Hyderabad, and the global selection of the finest spirits, wines, and liqueurs for a truly spirited experience. At the heart of LOTD is a deep love for acing your experience all whilst cherishing quiet moments, celebrations, and jovial conviviality. It seems like magic when great food and beverages transform the mundane into the extraordinary, bridge the preset with the past, and let bygones be bygones. Experience the true essence of Lord of The Drinks, where we rule over the desires of all Hyderabadis.


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