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Donate blood to overcome shortage crises at Blood banks: Dr. Lion Nataraj

Mahbubnagar: April 14th, 2020: Marking the 129th birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the Indian Red Cross society Chairman, Mahbubnagar, Dr. Lions Ambati Nataraj called upon the youth to voluntarily donate blood to overcome the blood shortage crises at the blood banks.

Dr. Nataraj him self came forward to donate the blood for the 138th time and made a record in the state. He expressed his concern that during this hard times of Corona virus and continuous lock down, majority blood banks have gone empty and facing acute shortage of blood.

While donating blood at the Red Cross blood bank in the district Dr. Nataraj said that donating blood is a novel cause and urged each and every person to come forward voluntarily and donate blood.

“It gives me immense pleasure to donate blood, as it is going to save the life of those people who are in emergency and distress healthcare situation. I call up on each and every individual to come forward voluntarily and donate blood. Because during these times of emergency, the blood banks have gone empty and the demand for blood has raised many folds. Particularly the Thalessemia patients require regular blood transfusion, therefore it is high time that the youth must come forward and motivate others to donate blood and save the lives of those in distress,” said Dr. Ambati Nataraj.

Talking about his fete of achieving the distinction of becoming the highest number of blood donor in the district Dr. Nataraj said that he has been donating blood from his student life. He also stated that he donates blood four times every year, keeping in view of victims of Thalessemia patients.

He called everyone to donate blood voluntarily in the wake of the shortage of blood reserves in the Red Cross society in the district. Not just Dr. Nataraj, he has also moulded and tuned his two children son Ambati Pruthvi and daughter Rohini who have also inculcated the habit of donating blood at least once in a year. Until now Prithvi, has donated blood for 52 times and his daughter Rohini has donated blood for 38 times.


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