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Kamineni Hospital Successfullly performs Percutaneous device closure procedure on a 4 year old Child

Hyderabad February 12 2019: The medical team at Kamineni Hospital in Hyderabad had performed a rare

Percutaneous Device Closure Medical Procedure on a 4 year old Child suffering with recurrent respiratory infections and breathlessness.

Upon diagnosis, the team of doctors have found that the child was suffering from a congenital heart defect since birth and had decided to operate on the child with a balloon valvotomy procedure presented with pulmonary stenosis,” said Dr. Sagar Bhuyar and Dr. Amshala Ravikanth.

Interventional Cardiologists and Cardiology team with the help of Kamineni administrative department have been able to conduct regular workshops for these types of birth defects. Till now more than 50 patients utilised these services done under various government schemes on regular basis.


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