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International Breastfeeding week observed

International Breastfeeding week observed

Health news service


The World breastfeeding week was observed by Ravi Children’s Hospital in Mahabubnagar on Monday.

Marking the world breastfeeding week, the doctors of Ravi Children’s hospital in the district stressed on the importance of breast feeding to the new mothers with their babies at the hospital.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Shekhar, leading Pediatrician, Medical Director and Founder of Ravi Foundation from Mahabubnagar called up the women folks particularly the new mothers who are working to compulsorily breast feed their babies for a healthy growth.

“Breast feeding to the newly born babies up to 6 months is very important if the babies are to grow healthily without any diseases. Because mother’s milk has all the ingredients that are needed for an infant to develop and strengthen his or her immune system and can resist various life threatening diseases like cancers. Mother’s milk is very much good for the development of brain of the babies. Except mother’s milk and if necessary few vitamin drops, should only be given to the babies up to 6 months and no outside food should be administered,” said Dr.Shekhar.

Dr. Shekhar added that this year they had stressed the focus on awareness and importance of breast feeding for working women marking the ‘World Breastfeeding Week’ celebrations at their hospital. Many working women are neglecting breast feeding of their new born child due to various reasons. Mother’s milk contains all the nutrients for the complete growth of new born infants. For busy mothers one can even give mother’s milk by storing the milk in a freezer up to 6 hours. Mother’s milk has anti cancer, anti allergic properties. Breast milk helps keep your baby healthy as it supplies all the necessary nutrients in the proper proportions. It protects against allergies, sickness, and obesity. It protects against diseases, like diabetes and cancer. It protects against infections, like ear infections, most importantly it strengthens the bonding between the babies and mother, which is very much important for a healthy and active growth of the babies, observed Dr Shekhar.

On the occasion Dr. Shekhar along with the leading doctors at Ravi Children’s hospital conducted an awareness programme and highlighted the importance of breastfeeding to the new mothers. He said many more awareness programmes on seasonal diseases, health hygiene to the children are free medical camps in the villages are being held by Ravi Foundation, which is being received with heavy response from the public in the rural areas of Mahabubnagar district.


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