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Indic Bricks by MakersLoft proud to bring, for the first time, an Indian God idol as a DIY building

Hyderabad, October 29, 2021:You can call them the new building blocks of Indian culture and heritage. In this age of migration - more than ever before, parents are keen to teach their children about their roots and identity. Per the latest census, 37% of the country's population live away from their native places. According to the UN department of economic and social affairs data, India has the largest diaspora in the world - approximately 30 million.

But children these days are seem to gravitate to western stories and characters, as they are presented as being more fun and cool. So, how do we make Indian heritage more fun and exciting for children, so they are attracted to learn more about it? That is the question Indic Bricks by MakersLoft is trying to answer.

Launched by INSEAD alumnus, Meghna Bhutoria, Indic Bricks actively engages children in Indian heritage through building blocks toys. For example, while assembling a Ganesha moorti a child is naturally inclined to be intrigued about his 4 arms and would want to learn more about his super-powers through our stories. Or a child could build a small scale model of Kailasha temple and learn about the incredible architecture found in Indian monuments.

“What is special about Indic Bricks is that it not only helps engage children with their roots, but it also develops their creativity, spatial skills, focus and persistence," says Meghna. Their first product Ganesha set has been launched just in time for Diwali and can be bought online from They have many more exciting sets planned – Bal Krishna, Hanuman, Ramayana story telling set, of Indian monuments and many more.

The toy market in India is booming - currently estimated at $1 billion, and has the potential to double itself by 2025, according to a FICCI-KPMG report. Indic Bricks, is positioned at the convergence of do-it-yourself and know-your-roots, both toy market segments with huge potential in India as well as with non-resident Indians abroad.


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