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India’s home healthcare to grow $ 6.2 billion by 2020

Hyderabad, May 15, 2019: India’s home healthcare sector, which is currently changing the Indian healthcare landscape is estimated to grow to$6.2bn market by 2020, on the back of rising consumer demand, increasing incidence of chronic diseases and rising elderly population having high life expectancy.

Nightingales Home Health Services, a Medwell Ventures company, which has pioneered the specialty - led home healthcare, discussed key trends that are emerging within the home healthcare industry and how the industry is gradually aligning itself to market demands at a media briefing today in Hyderabad.

Across curative treatments like rehabilitation and physiotherapy, palliative care for the elderly, chronic care plans for patients with lifestyle diseases, and specialty services like intensive care, Dr. Sweta Choudhary, Head - Medical Products & Services, Nightingales Home Health Servicesshared that it is imperative to embrace the power of one-on-one care where every treatment plan co-created with specialists is as personalized as possible because no two roads to recovery are the same.

“The need of the hour is to prioritize and personalize health care delivery in a cost effective manner, which will be only possible when existing healthcare institutions streamline their efforts in dispensing care in a cost effective manner facilitating best outcome for patients by collaborating with home health care providers using the right combination of technology to boost the medical system of the country”, said Dr. Sweta Choudhary.


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