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India’s First Full Endoscopic Spine Centre,Asian Spine hospital Grandly Inagurated At Jubilee Hills

20th March, Hyderabad:It was a day that has raised the curtains and unveiled a new hope for the people who are suffering from chronic spine problems. It is indeed a proud moment that, Asian Spine Hospital, India’s first standalone state-of-the-art centre for comprehensive Spine & Pain care is now open in our very own Hyderabad. The hospital was inaugurated by Sri. Dr. D. Nageshwar Reddy, Founder & Chairman, AIG Hospitals.This new facility is committed to providing quality healthcare services to patients while emphasizing on the importance of prevention and early intervention.The hospital is dedicated to provide holistic, world-class & end-to-end spine care by combining the latest medical and surgical technologies with an emphasis on personalized patient care.

Dr. Sukumar Sura, Chairman & Managing Director, Asian Spine Hospital, said, “When it comes to Spine Care or Spine Surgery, there are lot of myths and misconceptions in the society. At Asian Spine Hospital, we are committed to break those baseless myths with Full Endoscopic Spine Surgery, which is first of its kind in India. The hospital is established with a primary motive of giving confidence to the people and revive their lives.At Asian Spine Hospital we focus on several spine, back, neck, and spine-related disorders; ranging from common spine problems to the most complex spinal conditions. Our surgical approach address life-altering pain, spinal conditions and disorders, including bone spurs, cervical spondylosis, cranio-vertebral junction anomalies, degenerative disc disease, etc.”

Mr. Naresh Kumar Pagidimarry, CEO & Director, Asian Spine Hospital, said, “Asian Spine Hospital is certified as “Centre of Excellence” by RIWOspine, a global pioneer in full-endoscopic spine surgery. We are the First dedicated Full Endoscopic Spine Centre in India. Our experts have experience of more than 2000 cases in endoscopic spine surgeries.Affordable quality spine care is our commitment. Our goal is to provide a healthy and rewarding experience for the patients.”

Asian Spine Hospital has dedicated departments for Physiotherapy and Yoga therapy. Physiotherapy focuses to improve the patient’s condition, increase mobility, and prevent complications. The hospital provides evidence-based yoga therapy to help patients overcome their spinal issues.Asian Spine Hospital also provides training to aspiring individuals in association with Bharat Academy of Spine Endoscopy.

Chief Guest of the event, Sri. Dr. D. Nageshwar Reddy, Founder & Chairman, AIG Hospitals, said,“The modern world has given rise to many new physical challenges, such as lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle. It has eventually resulted into chronic back pain and spinal disorders. It is the need of the hour to have a comprehensive centre for Spine Care. Asian Spine Hospital is a one-stop destination &the most-advanced centre for comprehensive spine care. I am very happy to be a part of this inauguration ceremony, I wish good luck to the team of Asian Spine Hospital.”


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