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Hyderabad to host 38th National Rowing Championships from Dec 2nd – 7th 2019

Hyderabad, November 28th, 2019: The city of Hyderabad is fast gearing up to play host to the 38th Senior National Rowing Champions 2019 for Men and Women, under the aegis of the Telangana Rowing Association.

Over 500 Rowers and officials from across 27 States and affiliated associations will take part in the weeklong event to be held between December 2nd &7th.

The Championships will be held on the Hussain Sagarrowing course,along the Sanjeeviah Park. And the course distance of 2000 meters will contain four marked lanes, as per thespecifications of FISA (TheInternational Rowing Federation) andRFI (Rowing Federation ofIndia)rules.

All races will begin from the westernend of the lake, opposite The Park hotel; and the Finish Line will be located atthe Boats Club, Sanjeevaiah Park Road.To provide a better viewing opportunity to audience, a grandstand will be constructednear the finish line for the spectators.

The Organizing Committee of the Championships has introduced latest GPS technology to track the precise movement of the rowing shell using integrated sensors; and the data generated can be accessed by rowers using a smartphone. Technology provides athletes with real-time feedback on important data like stroke-rate, speed and distance; and each rower will be able to see accuracy of measurement data to assess the parameters that necessitate improvement for a better performance in the race.

In an effort to encourage children, Telangana Rowing Association (TRA) invites interested schools to send their students to witness the championship. Interested schools can contact Kishore at his mobile number +91 9849469359.


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