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Hyderabad parents, prepare for the BEST summer adventure for your kids -The LEGO® Playground is finally here at Nexus Hyderabad Mall

Hyderabad, June 7, 2024: Summer vacations are the best time for kids to explore their passion, unleash their imagination and take out the much-needed time to PLAY at Nexus Hyderabad Mall. PLAY is not just a leisure activity, but a SUPERPOWER! It fuels curiosity, sparks creativity, and inspires a lifelong love of learning. 

LEGO® Bricks are the perfect gateway for children to create, recreate and imagine whatever they want – using their power of play.  Through the construction process, children develop essential skills such as problem-solving, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills.

Hyderabad parents now have the opportunity to take their kids for the best summer adventure where they can play, learn, explore their interests and have LOTS OF FUN under one roof at mall!  The popular LEGO® PLAYground, by the LEGO® Group is now in Nexus Hyderabad Mall. The PLAYground is open for all kids ages 5–14-year-old between 1-9 pm from 7th till 16th June.

The LEGO® Playground is a fun, cool, imaginative, and creative play area where kids can EXPLORE ALL THEIR PASSIONS.


Whether your child is an aspiring astronaut, a superhero fan, a budding scientist, or even a Harry Potter lover, the PLAYground has something for everyone with its curated Passion Zones!

Kids can experience space in a realistic way at the AR Zone and explore the cosmos. Science and technology enthusiasts can explore LEGO®’s S.T.E.M Lab, and all kids can take their builds into the PHYGITAL LAUNCH ZONE where their original builds will be scanned and uploaded into the virtual space screen.


• Space City with Friends Zone– For all space architects!  Kids get the opportunity to design and build the ultimate SPACE BASE in a brand-new world. 

• Superhero Squad Zone– Kids will get a chance to build a SUPERHERO Squad full of SUPERHERO Spaceships, Action Mechs, Buildings & more from their favorite WORLD of NINJAS, HARRY POTTER, STAR WARS, MARVEL & DC to protect their SPACE BASE from evil forces! 

• THE EXPLORERS ZONE– Kids can build and race their favorite Squad of SPACE Exploration Vehicles – from ROVERS to Ships to Supercars to Bikes & Trucks!

• LEGO® Goodies– All children will receive a specially curated LEGO® GOODIE bag on their exit. This is to make sure the young, adorable heroes go home happy!



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