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Hyderabad gets a new Nizami luxury culinary venture, Riwayat

Hyderabad, 22nd July, 2019: Giving the authentic taste of true Hyderabadi cuisine, Riwayat is now all set to provide Nizami luxury culinary to the food lovers in Hyderabad.

As with har cheez Hyderabadi, the food at Riwayat is also Asal Hyderabadi. With a 400-year-old rich culinary history, Hyderabadi food is anything but forgettable. A melting pot of some pretty spiffy styles and techniques, the food here is bound to leave you both speechless and hollering for more! While Hyderabadis have inherited that famous love for food, there are many of us that don’t see past the Paayas and Biryanis. Especially, when there’s more to Nizami cuisine than what if offered in the city.

Honourable Home Minister of Telangana, Mr. Mahmood Ali inaugurated the restaurant. As a foodie himself, he explained how we all have been seeking the authentic taste of old Hyderabad from the time of the Nizams. He said it is here that he has found that taste.

Originally from Lucknow, Mohammed Iqbal is a restaurateur by profession. The biggest example of his expertise lies in the success of his restaurant Khayam, which he opened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

“We have put our heart and soul into crafting a well-balanced authentic menu at Riwayat. I am excited to embark of the journey, and can't wait to share this new experience. As we evolve and grow, we look forward to the vacationers and the locals explore the nuanced cuisine of this beautiful city,” says Mr. Iqbal.

One of the founders, Mohammed Razzaq is a 4th generation restaurateur from the house of Bade Miyan Kebabs – who once served to the Salar Jung family. Their food has been watering the taste buds of thousands of people, and no one would be more aware of the Hyderabadi authentic palate.

“The whole idea behind Riwayat is creating an authentic affordable luxury experience. We aim at establishing it as a fine dine restaurant which makes every person at the restaurant feel like a Nawab,” says Razzaq.


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